God gave a one-of-a-kind gift; we can too.

Dear Friend,

Would you give a Christmas gift, like the one God gave 2,000 years ago? It’s close to Christmas, and all kinds of organizations, including many Christian ones; ask for your involvement….food-hampers for the needy…. poinsettias for the elderly… cookies… and of course toys; lots of toys for the kids.

Believe me, friend, I know what it feels like, because I’m just like you…. giving… sharing…. to as many and as often as I can.

Look at the question again; Would you give a Christmas gift just like the one God gave 2,000 years ago?

Here is what’s on my heart. I am concerned that we don’t forget the gift that God wanted ‘all peoples’ to receive. What was that gift?

    • God gave a Saviour; ‘My eyes have seen Your salvation’ [Lu 2:30]

    • God gave ‘peace’ from Himself, and ‘goodwill toward people’ [Lu 2:14]

    • God gave Jesus to be ‘a light to bring revelation’ to all. [Lu 2:32]

Somehow we are all tempted to forget what God’s gift is all about. It is about bringing the message of salvation to all. I want to rally those who believe the Gospel, and I know that includes you, friend, to give a gift that’s more than food, clothing or toys…… to give Jesus to people.

While we wait for Jesus’ 2nd coming, billions have not yet heard of His first coming in Bethlehem. What about them?

What about the angel’s message, ‘Fear not, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which will be to all people’? [Luke 2:10] God’s intention is crystal clear; ‘all people’ must hear about the coming of Jesus, and His great salvation.

Will you give a gift this Christmas for the salvation to come to all people?

World Impact Ministries is focused on the unreached. By the most conservative estimates there are at least 2 billion, probably more, who have never had one chance to hear the Gospel. Most live in big cities where there are no churches, Christian bookstores or Gospel preaching in their language.

I have listed five ways that you can make a BIG DIFFERENCE this Christmas:

1. Give a box of Salvation booklets for new believers.

Each box contains 150 copies of ‘Salvation – God’s Gift to You’. The cost includes translation into the local language, shipping and putting the books into the hands of new believers.

Cost: $40

2. Sponsor three pastors and leaders.

Many of the new believers come from a background of Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism. During a 3-day seminar pastors receive the necessary training to do follow up. Cost for 3 pastors: $84

3. Sponsor one Bible school student for one year of training.

Your gift makes it possible for one student in our Bible school in Indonesia or East Africa to get a full year of training……and the results are phenomenal. This year’s graduates in Indonesia have all gone out as missionaries, preaching the Gospel among Muslims. WOW! What a great Christmas gift! Cost: $350.

4. Sponsor a ‘Friendship Dinner’.

This makes a big impact for the Gospel. We bring together a hundred or more political and religious leaders in non-Christian countries and present the Gospel to them, often for the very first time. This opens the door for the Gospel to a whole community, so that tens of thousands can receive salvation. The average cost is $800.

5. Sponsor one night in the stadium.

This includes the rental of the stadium, lights, sound and lots more during a Gospel Festival. Often ten thousand people will respond for salvation in one night. Some can sponsor one night, while others can buy a share in one of these outreaches. Average cost: $10,000. Or a 10% share for $1,000. Others can do $100, $500 or $1,500.

Here is what is really important; that all Gospel believers do something. Don’t let Christmas 2011 come and go without your participation to advance the Gospel. Click here to choose your gift.

No gift is too small or too great, when it comes to bringing this ‘great joy’ to ‘all people’. The cause of the Gospel needs you! The unreached need you! We need you! Thank you!

Your partner in the Gospel,

Peter Youngren

P.S. Our campaign schedule is really full for 2012, from India to Haiti, from Tanzania to Pakistan and Indonesia, we are focused on the unreached. Thank you for ‘going’ through your prayers and giving.

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