God has a Dream

Dear Friend,

Before reading any further, please get a hold of a pen, because I’m going to ask you to write something very important for your future. God told Habakkuk “Write the vision”. Jesus told John to “write what he saw”. (Rev 1:9)

A pen itself is powerless, but when God’s dream is in your heart and you write the desires He has put in you, then the pen can become a powerful tool.

Years ago I learnt five things about dreams and visions.

1. God has a Dream; I do too.

Dreams and visions is the language of the Holy Spirit; the old shall dream dreams and the young shall see visions (Acts 2:17). Every one of the biblical heroes was a dreamer; Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph… right on down to the apostle Paul. If I know that God is not a respector of persons, then I know that He is at work in you… putting His dreams in your heart.

2. God’s Dream Concerns Others; Mine does too.

What is your dream? Is it to receive healing? Financial provision? Family salvation? A better job? Or maybe it is about ministry, helping people in need?

God’s dream is as big as the seven billion precious souls that live on this earth, and His dream includes you and everyone in your household.

3. God’s Dream has Obstacles: Mine does too.

From the beginning, God’s dream was to send a Savior. It was prophesied hundreds of times over hundreds of years. But did you notice all the obstacles? For one, Herod tried to kill the newborn Savior. Have you encountered dream killers? Don’t be discouraged. That’s part and parcel of having a dream.

With every God-given dream comes obstacles. That’s why we need the reality of Christ in us, because “greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world”.

4. God Doesn’t Quit His Dream; Neither do I.

Maybe you felt like quitting, wondering ‘When will my dream ever come to pass?’ God does not give up on you, your children, or your future. I feel like shouting as I’m writing these words. Maybe you can shout out loud where you are ... “If God won’t quit, I won’t either.”

5. God’s Dream comes Through; Mine does too.

God said that even though the dream is delayed, “Yet it will come to pass”.

You can see by the enclosed 2012 calendar that our dream is for SOULS, for millions, and yes, billions to be touched with the Gospel. Thank you for sharing in that dream.

Click here for your 2012 VISION SHEET and write what God has put in your heart. I will join in prayer, believing for you to have all the wisdom you need in 2012, that your dreams will become a reality.

Please watch also our special telecasts, ‘God’s Dream - Your Dream’ being aired in January. If our telecast is not available where you live, just click here to watch our special telecast programs.

Now take that pen in your hand, and fill in the vision sheet. Then would you send it to me? January will be a time when we believe with people for their dreams to become reality. I love to see God-given dreams come to pass, and I’d be honoured to pray with you over the dreams God has put in your heart.

I believe God will also direct you to give a seed offering for 2012. The amount is not nearly as important as your obedience to the Holy Spirit. World Impact Ministries has more and bigger Gospel Campaigns planned for 2012 than ever before. Thank you for your participation!

Your partner in the Gospel,

Peter Youngren

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