God has given us a FIRST-EVER opportunity to touch millions.

Dear Friend,

It was a very dark time 2,000 years ago… senseless violence ….. the wicked Herod was about to brutally murder every young boy in Bethlehem. Mothers and fathers would soon be convulsing in tears.

Here we are today. These are dark days – beheadings, terrorism, killing of innocent Christians, young girls kidnapped and radical muslims murdering innocents. It is a world gone mad. And it is happening in United States and Canada too.

Beloved, the light is never brighter than in the darkest night. Look at what happened in Bethlehem:

And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them”, [Luke 2:9]

Glory” means light. In Hebrew it is “kabod” which means “heavy”. Literally, God’s weighty presence shone down on shepherds.

This CHRISTMAS DAY, 2014 – we will tell others about Jesus, the light of the world, just like those shepherds 2,000 years ago.

Here is what has happened.

God has placed in our hands the first ever 24/7 Christian television channel to broadcast in the world’s largest Islamic city. This is historical! We are on the air now… but much more must happen by December 25th.

Also, on CHRISTMAS DAY, Taina and I will pray for you, believe God, lay hands on your prayer request and expect God’s weighty presence to touch your life. REALLY want to pray for you.

Millions in the non-Christian world have attended our Gospel Festivals, some even risking their lives. Many new believers cannot attend a church, because if they did, they would be killed. There is a solution – television reaches almost every home in the Muslim world.

Some may wonder - Isn’t Christian television already available everywhere? The answer is - NO. Television is regulated in Islamic countries. Christian programs are normally not allowed.

In Karachi, Pakistan, the world’s largest Islamic city [98% Muslims], there are 30 government licenses given to muslim preachers, and one [1] license to a Christian organization – and we have it!

This is monumental – God has put in our hand the only 24/7 television license where you’re allowed to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. THIS IS GOD’S FAVOR!!!

Already this channel reaches 4 million viewers, but it must expand immediately to survive ….supernatural increase must happen!

Here is how it happened. At a recent Gospel Festival, God opened the door for me to send the gospel to the entire nation of Pakistan (180 million people) in a one hour telecast. This put faith into the heart of my co-worker, William Sarfaz – for a 24/7 Christian TV license.

That miracle has now happened! That’s why this Christmas letter that you now hold in your hand is very urgent.

Let me be blunt. When God gave me this opportunity, I was not willing.

There is so much evil done by radical muslims. The senseless killings make me angry. I feel sick inside from the scenes of brutality. I realize that many may not want to give money to reach muslims with the Gospel.

One man said to me, “Let muslims burn in hell.” He was angry. I understand how people feel: beheadings in Oklahoma, the killings in Ft. Hood, shootings in the Canadian parliament, terrorist attacks on soldiers and police.

I said, “Lord, I don’t know if anyone wants to support a gospel TV channel to Muslims. Lord, please give this to someone else”.

While I complained, I couldn’t shake the words of Jesus: “The gospel must first be preached among all nations”, [Mk 13:10].

Still, I said to the Lord, “Please ask someone else. There are many ministries that have much more money and resources”.

I heard the Lord speak in my spirit instantly: “I’m asking you because you will say ‘yes’, and when you say ‘yes’, I will give you partners, who will say ‘YES’ also”.

I wish I could say that I instantly obeyed. I still struggled for several hours, until I surrendered, “Lord, I will obey you”.

That’s why I’m writing to you in faith. Our co-workers and the cable companies in the world’s largest Muslim city are ready. We have 30 days from the time you receive this letter for a financial Christmas miracle to happen.

It must happen in the next 30 days!

Once this first challenge is behind us, we will continue to reach 180 million Muslims in Pakistan and from there the entire Islamic world.

There’s only one REAL ANSWER to the evils of Islamic terrorism – the gospel! Paul, the apostle, was a murderer and Jesus changed him. Jesus is the same today!

I ask you to take a step of faith. Give a one-time gift of $1000, or whatever amount you can. Become a monthly partner, sharing $25/month or more, as the Lord directs you.

Please, take action today:

1. Click here to respond now. Use your faith to sow your best seed gift. I need many to give $1000 at this critical time.

2. This is an ongoing commitment. Become a monthly partner! Can you share $1/day? $25/month? $100/month?

3. Send your prayer request. Before Taina and I do anything else on December 25, we will pray for you and lay hands on your prayer request in the name of Jesus Christ.

We have 30 days. By faith I have told the cable operators in the Islamic world that we are going forward.

This letter is bathed in prayer. God said in my spirit that if I say ‘yes’, then He will speak to you to also say ‘yes’. Please don’t delay! I need to hear from you.

Because CHRISTMAS is for the world!

Peter Youngren

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