God loves Muslims!

God loves Muslims! Do you believe that?

When you read my new book, “My Muslim Friends” (yes it arrived from the printer this week), you’ll see another side in the current debate about Islam and Christianity. Here is an excerpt from page 62.

“When I share the Gospel with my Muslim friends, I often remind them that tradition within Islamic culture testifies of the amazing sacrifice Jesus made. Devout Muslims sacrifice a lamb annually in commemoration of the great prophet Abraham. The Muslim holiday Idul Adha comes at the end of the Islamic year, and is known as a time of sacrifice. Though most families offer a lamb or a goat, wealthier families may sacrifice a cow.

When Abraham’s son was placed on the altar of sacrifice, he should have died, but God provided a lamb to take his place. I never argue about whether it was Isaac or Ishmael on the altar, because on this point Muslims and Christians differ. Muslims believe it was Ishmael, while Christians believe it was Isaac. My objective is to get to the main point of the Gospel message, which is what Jesus has done for us. We can discuss Ishmael versus Isaac at another time.

The point is straightforward. Abraham’s son should have died. He represents us because we should die because of our sin. God in His great love told Abraham not to kill his son. Instead, God provided a lamb to take the place of Abraham’s son. John the Baptist, who is the prophet Yehya in the Koran, pointed to Jesus and said, “Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” (John 1:29) The lamb became the substitute for Abraham’s son just like Jesus became our substitute. We should have been killed and judged for our sins but God provided the Lamb of God to take our place. “

There is no off-limit place as far as Jesus is concerned. We must help our Muslim friends discuss Jesus.

What helps the course of the Gospel the most? Denigrating Islam and its founder Muhammad or inviting Muslims to discover Jesus?

“My Muslim Friends” will be a valuable tool in witnessing to Muslims. You may want to buy an extra copy for a Muslim friend.

If you order now, I will include shipping and handling. Please click here and you will have this valuable resource in your hands within days.

Do you have any stories to share about interaction with Muslims?

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