God Made a Way in Makassar


Dear Friend,

Because of your tangible love we were able to go to Makassar, Indonesia in August. Our team faced enormous challenges when some extremist groups tried to shut down the Friendship Festival by making most severe threats humans can make.

Are we not in God’s will if we face opposition and persecution? On the contrary! We saw how God turned the whole situation for the best. Sometimes God’s wisdom presents itself in an unexpected way, but He handles difficult issues with everyone’s best in mind.  As a result of this turmoil caused by people, the whole city of Makassar talked about Jesus, and His miracles!

In the fall our daily and weekly routines go back to ‘normal’ after summer. Thank you for keeping Gospel Advancement in your heart!

- Peter Youngren

P.S. The Grace Prayer Center is available to you 24/7 - please call 1.877.974.7223 (North America) or + 1.416.497.2508 (international).

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