God or New Hampshire?

I was recently having my coffee and multigrain cereal, when I turned on the TV to catch the morning news. Talk show hosts Michael Reagan, son of late president Ronald Reagan and Stephanie Miller were on CNN’s early morning show discussing gay marriage. The segment was triggered by a beauty pageant where the American contestant was asked by one of the judges concerning her view of marriage, to which she replied that it is the union between one man and one woman. They showed the video clip and I thought the American beauty queen expressed herself rather well. Her statement had however received a furious and, in my opinion, degrading response from one of the judges. Sorry, I don’t have the name of the judge or the beauty contestant. I was just eating my breakfast and whatever their names are has nothing to do with this article. I was more interested in how the verbal throwing of hand-grenades ended between Mr. Reagan and Ms Miller. Stay with me and I will get to “God and New Hampshire”.

With the beauty pageant controversy as a backdrop, CNN’s host let Mr. Reagan and Ms. Miller go at it. My sympathies were with Mr. Reagan, who articulated that marriage is one man-one woman. If that was all, I probably wouldn’t have written this blog. However, as the discussion was winding down Ms. Miller commented that a recent law had been passed in New Hampshire that allows homosexual marriages. Mr. Reagan was given the opportunity for a closing remark, and he finished with; “you stay with New Hampshire and I’ll stay with God”. That’s where Mr. Reagan lost me. I’m not saying that God is for homosexual marriages, but I’m saying God is for people, whether homosexual or heterosexual.

People have flaws and failures, some are exposed to the world, while some hidden until after person’s death, and some are never revealed. The Bible makes it clear that all have sinned, and if we are guilty in one area, we are guilty in it all. Sin is a level playing field. As far as God is concerned, no one has a right to judge others, because judgment belongs to God. Wasn’t that the point of Jesus death on the cross, that the judgment for our sins would fall on him? Paul, the apostle, states that God punished sin in the flesh, not the flesh of the guilty and deserving, but the flesh of the innocent and undeserving Son of God. If Christians don’t believe that, we really don’t have a message to the world. There are sins of commission and sins of omission, and no one has a reason to brag or put others down, we are all guilty. If God is for us on the basis of our perfection, then God wouldn’t be for any of us. If Jesus died on the cross so that we would never have a struggle with sin or failure, then Jesus’ death was a failure. However, if Jesus died so that our sins would not be imputed to us, but that Christ’s righteousness by faith would be ours, then His death and resurrection was a success.

Yes, I agree with many Christians around the world that marriage is between one man and one woman, but God is not against those who differ with this view. If God is against homosexuals, He is against all of us, for all have sinned. Mr. Reagan compared the state of California voting to uphold the traditional view of marriage, while New Hampshire did not. Is God for California and against New Hampshire [or Ontario]? I think not. Your thoughts? – Peter    

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