God’s Love knows No Boundaries

God’s love came to touch, to caress, and to bring rest to a weary world…and His love compels us. And when love is our motivator, what we do for others profits us!

Dear Friend,

LOVE! The word grabs our attention. Love changes lives and environment. Most of all - God is love. That’s why science can never figure God out, because science only deals with that which is measurable and quantifiable - and God’s love knows no boundaries.

This year your partnership is sending me to India for three great Gospel Campaigns. The first one is coming up in a few weeks in Nagpur, a city with over 3 million people.

God’s love knows no limits. The “breadth, length, height, and depth” of Christ’s love is beyond human understanding. His love is forever. There was a popular song a few years ago, “His banner over us is love”? That’s true today. God’s banner over you, is love.

The Holy Spirit opens our eyes to see God’s love. We may think of love as a sentiment or an emotional attachment, but God’s love is much greater – it goes beyond mental and academic knowledge [Eph 3:19].

God’s love connects you to his limitless miracle ability. Just after Paul wrote that God’s love ‘passes knowledge’, we read, “God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think” [Eph 3:20]. When we know how much God loves us, we are ready to see His unlimited power at work.

Love is a person, not an abstract concept. Love is revealed in Jesus to touch, to caress, and to bring rest to a weary world. Then, LOVE was nailed to the cross in the person of Jesus Christ. No wonder John wrote, “this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the redemption for our sins” [1Jn 4:10].

We love because we are loved. Love must be reciprocated. God only asks us to love others because He first loved us.

Other religions have deities that frown, condemn, and separate themselves. No religion on earth other than the Gospel of Jesus Christ introduces a giving God – a God full of love. And nothing, not our failures, successes, sins, or shortcomings, can ever separate us from this love of God in Christ Jesus [Rom 8:38-39].

Love compels us. That’s why we are going to Nagpur, and to Allahabad and Lucknow, all of them cities between 3 to 6 million people each. It is because of love that we need follow up material for 1,000,000 new believers and training material for at least 25,000 pastors in 2013.

Dave Imler just returned from India a few weeks ago, and everything is set to go. Another one of our team members is there now working with hundreds of eager local believers. That’s why I need your help. In fact, your help is URGENTLY requested.

Here is the situation. The stadium deposit must be paid in a few days. Printing, newspapers, and television ads are due within the next two weeks. Remember, we are never more like God than when we give. Paul wrote that our giving proves “the sincerity of our love”.

Why does God love a cheerful giver?

Because the cheerful giver has something in common with God! Every religion began with a religious leader claiming that they had received a vision or enlightenment. Jesus is different. Jesus wasn’t all talk, he demonstrated God by actions.... by love, by giving, and He gave himself joyfully.

Love causes your gift to profit you. We can give without loving but we can’t love without giving. If we gave everything we had, but it was not motivated by love “it profits us nothing” (1 Corinthians 13:3). Did you see that? Love is what makes our gift profit us.

Your seed gift to World Impact Ministries brings a harvest of precious people coming to Christ. But there is more. When love is the motivator, God guarantees that your gift profits you.

Love is the motivator! Faith is the activator!

Take a moment and thank God for His limitless love for you. Then let faith rise in your heart and finally do what the love and faith in your heart tells you to do.

Take these steps:

1. Give your best seed gift.

2. Tell us your top 3 prayer requests. As God’s love is revealed to millions without Christ, expect to see God’s love revealed in your prayer requests.

Your gift will prove the sincerity of your love. It will profit the Gospel and it will profit you. Thank you!

Your participation has never been more needed than now. Thank you in Jesus’ name!

Your partner in Gospel,

Peter Youngren

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