God’s Uncommon Favor for You!

When God instructs you to do something UNCOMMON, it takes faith to say “Yes, Lord”. But when we obey God, we can expect UNCOMMON BLESSINGS!

Dear Friend and Partner,

Do you need something UNCOMMON or UNUSUAL to happen…...something you cannot make happen for yourself? And do you want this to happen this summer?

Faith is only needed when we step out to do something OUT OF THE ORDINARY. We do not need faith for the possible, but for the impossible….....and GOD SPECIALIZES IN DOING THE IMPOSSIBLE!

I’ll get straight to the point. The Holy Spirit has led me to do something rare. Normally the summer time is when we replenish our resources and restock our follow up material. Earlier in the year, the Lord prompted me that many of the most spiritually needy areas of the world have their dry season in the summer. The dry season is the best time to hold open-air Gospel campaigns, and the Lord told me to make the most of this time.

In obedience to the Lord, I scheduled two Gospel Campaigns in August, one in Pakistan and one in Indonesia. This was a huge step of faith, because the summer is also often the time when the giving goes down, as people focus on vacations and other things. I honestly felt I had done what the Lord told me…....and then….

.....I received a phone call that Western Indonesia had just elected a new governor, the Honourable Lukas Enembe. Immediately after his inauguration the Governor asked the Christian community; “Please, contact Peter Youngren to come to conduct a Gospel Campaign in the capital”.

This is UNCOMMON FAVOUR FROM GOD in the world’s largest Muslim nation, and it is happening in July!

I hesitated because I realized this would mean yet another financial challenge, but all I could hear in my spirit was, “GO”. I have learned that when God asks me to do something, it is best to do it, even if it looks impossible. The Scriptures give many examples that when we are willing to take a step of faith, even to do the ‘RIDICULOUS’, God will do the MIRACULOUS.

Thank you in advance. I need you to STAND IN FAITH with me now. As you believe with me, I promise to believe God that you will experience UNCOMMON BLESSINGS and UNUSUAL AND SUPERNATURAL ANSWERS TO PRAYER.

God does the UNUSUAL because of His love for His people….for YOU:

• Moses heard God’s call out of a burning bush.

• Elijah received God’s provision from a raven.

• Jesus turned water into wine.

• God shook the jail to deliver Paul and Silas, and to bring salvation to the jailer.

Not only did God do the unusual, He also asked His people for an UNCOMMON RESPONSE:

• Moses was asked to stand with his hands lifted until the victory came.

• The widow gave her last bit of flour, and received bread throughout the famine.

• Another widow was asked to borrow vessels, and the more she borrowed, the more God filled them with oil.

• Naaman, the leper, dipped himself seven times in the river Jordan.

• The boy was asked to give his lunch bag to Jesus.

An UNCOMMON SEED creates an UNCOMMON HARVEST. But an unusual seed also requires Unusual Faith. I know that the Holy Spirit is speaking to you to give a SIGNIFICANT SEED for SOULS. Please consider standing with me for these 62 days of July and August.

These three huge Gospel Campaigns in July and August mean that we need your help now more than ever. I am not suggesting an amount, because I know that God may speak something much greater than I would suggest. Thank you!

Your partner in the Gospel,

Peter Youngren

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