Grace TV has entered into a strategic partnership with Daystar Television…

Toronto – June 13, 2013

Grace TV has entered into a strategic partnership with Daystar Television. Beginning June 15th, sixty-five percent of programming will be supplied by the Dallas based ministry led by Marcus Lamb. The remaining programming will be supplied by Canadian producers. Peter Youngren’s “You Are Loved” telecast will air several times daily. Nathan Thurber of Grace TV commented, “this development has come at a time of great expansion for Grace Media Ministries and the world. You Are Loved is now shown daily across United States and the Middle East, as well as continued national distribution in Canada.”

Questions: What is happening with Grace TV

1. Has Grace TV been sold, or are there any plans to sell Grace TV in the future?

The license for Grace TV is owned by World Impact Ministries and there are no plans to sell the channel. Grace TV operates according to the regulations of the Canadian Radio and Television Commission [CRTC], which guarantees Canadian ownership and 35% Canadian programming.

2. What does the “strategic partnership” with Daystar mean?

Rather than Grace TV making time available to many producers, all the available time of non-Canadian content is now for the use of Daystar television. This is a good strategy for Daystar as many of its producers now have access to a Canadian audience, and it works well for Grace TV as this arrangement allows for good quality programming.

3. Why is Grace TV entering into a “strategic partnership” with Daystar at this time?

Grace TV is a part of Grace Media Ministries with a vision to build a “Gospel Voice to the World”. The partnership with Daystar is making a much broader outreach possible. The program ‘YOU ARE LOVED’ has expanded to and is now seen across United States and the Middle East. The potential audience has increased from 30 million to 330 million. Plans are under way for further expansions in China, Europe and Africa. ‘Gospel Advancement’ is key to all the ministries associated with Peter Youngren, and this arrangement is facilitating an increased outreach to people without the Gospel.

Grace TV has not been sold and is not for sale.

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