Haiti – Now it’s time for Jesus

Voodoo isn’t the problem. The “pact with the devil” is not it. The problem is that Haiti has not seen how awesome Jesus is.  That’s why we are going there now!

Dear Friend,

I write to ask you to come with me to Haiti through your love, prayers and gifts. History will be made. Jesus’ victory over the devil will be proclaimed to every city, village and hamlet.

Some suggest that Haiti made a “pact with the devil” at a Voodoo congress in 1791. The Africans who had been taken to Haiti as slaves had had enough. The slave masters who claimed to practice Christianity were among the cruelest ever known.

One historian writes that slave owners would “hang a slave by the ears, mutilate a leg, pull teeth out, gash open one’s side and pour melted lard into the incision, or mutilate genital organs. Still others would torture by live burial whereby the slave, in the presence of the rest of the slaves who were forced to bear witness, was made to dig his own grave. Women had their sexual parts burned by a smoldering log; others had hot wax splattered over hands, arms and backs or boiling cane syrup poured over their heads.”

In 1791 thousands of slaves began the liberation of Haiti from the French. They rejected the slave masters’ gross misrepresentation of Christianity and embraced their own ‘god’, who “created the sun which gives us life”.

Today, many consider this voodoo congress the exact historical moment when Haiti was “consecrated to the devil”. Many preachers claim that the reason for earthquakes, any natural disasters and the poverty of Haiti is that the devil has the country in its grip because of what happened in 1791.

We are not going to Haiti to untangle the last 200 years of history. We don’t know if those slaves wanted to make a pact with the devil, or if they were just rejecting the grotesque misrepresentation of God that they had seen. Either way, our message will be crystal clear:

The devil has been defeated by Jesus and is incapable of making a pact for any nation.

The whole idea that the devil can make a pact for a nation is a charade, a fraud. That’s all the devil has to offer, his only weapon: Deception, deception, deception. Consider this:

  • The earth, with all its people, is the Lord’s. [Ps 24:1]That includes Haiti.
  • Jesus triumphed over principalities and powers and made a show of them openly [Col 2:15].
  • Jesus brought the devil to “nought”, [Heb 2:14]. Nought means zero, nothing, no power.
  • Jesus claims “all authority in heaven and earth”, [Mt 28:18]. If Jesus has all authority, how much authority does the devil have over Haiti? Again the answer is: zero, zero, zero.

Many who are concerned about this “pact with the devil” will attend our ‘Gospel Revolution Seminar’ where the light of God will dispel the darkness.

The devil has roared his ugly lies into the ears and minds of Haitians for 221 years (since 1791). It’s time for the lie to be exposed and for the truth to set Haiti free.

Haiti is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. The earthquake in 2010 killed well over 200,000 and devastated the hearts and minds of people. Hundreds of millions of dollars were given from the rest of the world, but still many are living in abject poverty.  Millions of dollars intended for the people are still in banks in New York, Chicago and London.

World Impact Ministries is no match for these gigantic humanitarian organizations. Yet we have something unique - the gospel of Jesus, which will unmask the deception and change the history of Haiti.

I began this letter, by saying that I need you to come with me to Haiti. Maybe you cannot go physically..... but you can go with your prayers, with your offerings and with your love. I must hear from you now.

Since the beginning of 2012 members of the World Impact Ministries team have been going to Haiti to make preparations. The nation is expecting us. Hundreds of pastors and churches are supporting the campaign.  Haiti is very expensive. When I received some of the initial quotes for sound system, stadium, advertising, etc.; I was surprised.

Then I was reminded of the saying, “Where God guides, He provides.” God will provide through the loving response of people like you.  We just have two weeks before this great campaign starts.  A huge financial response is needed now.

Please set aside everything you have in your hand and act now:

Please do not delay. Time is of essence. I will look for your response. Thank you already in advance!

Your Co-Worker in the Gospel,

Peter Youngren

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