Hannah & Thamina… Impossible Made Possible!

Dear Friend,

“Jesus’ wisdom turns the worst of times into the best”. That’s the word the Holy Spirit put in my heart. And that’s why I have enclosed the “Increase for You” teaching.

I want to share two stories about two women; Hannah lived more than three thousand years ago, the other one, Thamina, I met a couple of months ago. There are powerful truths in these stories for you. Friend, remember, Jesus is just the same on your street as He is anywhere else in the world. Jesus is alive where you live.

Hannah was an ordinary person. In some ways she even seemed less than ordinary … barren … under a curse … mocked and embarrassed. She wept and prayed … grieved for long periods of time … bitterness had come into her soul (1 Sam 1:10).

Yet, through Hannah God would raise up a deliverer. She seemed so ordinary, but remember; God uses ordinary people.

Hannah prayed with intensity. We read, “Only her lips moved but her voice was not heard. Therefore, Eli thought she was drunk” (vs. 13). Hannah prayed with such urgency that people thought she was intoxicated.

Hannah gave her best to God. Before she received the answer she so desperately wanted, Hannah gave her yet to be born son, Samuel, to God. She had wept bitter tears for ten years, but in expectation of a harvest … she planted a seed. She put God’s promise to the test, “Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy”, (Psalm 126:5).

Hannah sowed out of her desperate need. She didn’t wait for the “perfect time”. God had promised her so much, and yet it seemed that she had received so little. Have you ever felt like that, friend? Jesus has provided everything for us, but sometimes it seems that we have only received a fraction.

Hannah came into agreement with her High Priest. He told Hannah; “Go in peace and the God of Israel grant your petition” (vs. 17). This foreshadows Jesus, who is our High Priest. Look at what our High Priest has provided. Hannah had deep disappointment and pain in her life, just like many today. Whatever you are facing, your High Priest is for you.

Hannah received everything she expected and more.

  • She received supernatural joy after ten years of horrible grief.
  • She believed for one son; God gave her three sons and two daughters.
  • Hannah received her destiny. Her son, Samuel, brought deliverance to God’s people for several generations.

Thamina is a young lady in her twenties, she and her mom had been devoted Muslims their whole life. They had never heard anything of the Gospel until they saw a telecast from our Gospel Festival in Karachi, Pakistan.

Well, Thamina didn’t see the telecast; she just heard the announcer’s voice. You see, ten years ago, Thamina became completely blind. She was startled to hear the astounding news that blind people could receive sight, as the TV announcer reported from our Gospel Festival. To travel from her home to Karachi was an arduous task; 1,200 miles, 3 days and nights on a train. Thamina and her mom arrived in the throng of people just hours before the final service. Like tens of thousands of others, they lined up to get through the metal detectors and get in to the stadium. Security was tight due to recent bombings.

This ministry is about telling more and more people of God’s love in Jesus. Our theme is Gospel Advancement. In spite of security warnings, we felt the Karachi Gospel Festival was a God-given opportunity to give the

Gospel to people who had never heard it … and that made all the difference for Thamina.

When I prayed the prayer of salvation that night, Thamina responded and then during the healing prayer Jesus opened her eyes. The crowed clapped and rejoiced. For Thamina and her mom everything had changed in a moment. God had shown His love in a personal way for them. Jesus really is who He said He is, alive today!

Can you see the parallel between Thamina and Hannah?

They were ordinary people. They prayed with intensity. They put their faith into action.

One of the most touching moments was when Thamina’s mom opened her little purse and wanted to give me all the money she had. Somehow she knew that Jesus was the healer, but still she felt she had to pay me personally.

Of course, I didn’t take a cent. Instead, I took the opportunity, to once again explain that the gift of God is free. Everything Jesus gives; salvation, healing, blessing … is FREE, because of His love for us.

God’s grace includes His increase in your life in 2009. Do you need help? Voices everywhere are crying out negative words; “financial collapse”, “recession”, “depression” and “despair”. Maybe you are facing impossible circumstances in your life. I ask you to act in faith, just like Hannah and Thamina did.


We have three urgent opportunities. Thank you for responding!

1. After the mass killings in Western Kenya one year ago, we have made a fresh commitment to that desperate country. Only God’s love can stop the hatred. Next month we are training five thousand pastors, at a cost of $27 per pastor. Could you help sponsor one or more pastors? If everyone would sponsor five pastors, through a gift of $135, the entire need would be met.

2. Kisumu, Kenya’s thirdly largest city was hit in a major way by the violent atrocities in 2008. Our great Gospel Campaign next month in Kisumu will bring a message of hope, love and forgiveness. Will you help me to prepare follow-up material for 100,000 new believers? Will you help transform a nation?

3. I have asked God for 1,000 new monthly VIPs (Visionaries in Partnership). Without this we will be severely curtailed. I am so grateful for those who have responded. Monthly partnership tells me you really believe in the cause of Gospel advancement on television, in Gospel Festivals and in training leaders.


Thank you for your partnership. We are reaching millions through TV … Gospel Festivals … literature … long term missionaries. Now, please take these three important steps:


1. SEE THE “IMPOSSIBLE” MADE POSSIBLE. Hannah saw what her physical eyes had not yet seen. Thamina believed for the impossible to happen. See God’s provision for you! With God the worst of times become the best for you. God is our source.

2. FEED YOUR SPIRIT. On the online giving form you will notice one of the top teaching resources we released last year, "Live a Bigger Life". Please select your giving option, and I will rush your selection to you as a “THANK YOU” for your participation.

3. TAKE A STEP OF FAITH TODAY! That’s what Hannah and Thamina did. Give even before you see the answer! Do something bigger than you have ever done before! Put your faith into action! Do it TODAY! Hannah gave her son Samuel in advance to God. Thamina gave everything she had by taking an arduous 1,200 mile journey. PUT YOUR FAITH INTO ACTION!


The responsibility God has given to us for lost souls is enormous; in this nation … in Africa … and beyond. I urgently need your help! Thank you in Jesus’ name!

Love and Blessing in Jesus.

Your friend,

Peter Youngren

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