Have you ever struggled with faith?

Have you been on the treadmill of faith? You are running as hard as you can in your pursuit of faith but not getting anywhere. Could it be that Christian preachers have made faith into something we manufacture by efforts of prayer and Bible study rather than a gift of God?

A lot of people have told me, ‘Peter, my faith is just not working’. That is the reason for my latest book; ‘Great Faith for Great Miracles’. I highlight the only two individuals to whom Jesus ascribed ‘great faith’. Real faith that produces real miracles may be something greatly different then we thought it was. You may be surprised what we learn from those two.

Have people told you that you did not have enough faith to receive the blessing or miracle you desire? Has faith become an area where you feel put down, second-class, and inadequate? Take courage, I have never met a person whose faith is good enough, or a preacher of faith who him or herself could produce the faith that according to Jesus would move mountains. There is only once source for that kind of faith – it is Jesus Himself. If you struggle with faith I want to hear from you. If you read my book and it helped you, send me a testimony.

The key to the miracles we see in Gospel Festivals around the world is not our ability to manufacture faith; it is the faith of Jesus. We operate just like Simon Peter who attributed the miracle of the lame man walking as ‘faith that works through Him’. Like Paul we recognize that we are dead from our self and alive unto Christ, and the life we now live ‘we live by the faith of the Son of God.’ Jesus is the source of all the faith you need.

Let me know your thoughts.

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