Heart For Africa

The contrasts are striking; beautiful people, desperate needs, religious conflicts, tribal wars, corruption, AIDS... at times the suffering defies description.

Physical depravation, emotional trauma, and a spiritual void. Through Heart for Africa, World Impact Ministries takes a multi-dimensional approach.

  • Gospel Festivals that attracted hundreds of thousands... from every background and religion.
  • Leadership seminars for pastors are preparing Africa's future leaders.
  • Literature provides teaching for people who have not known the liberating truths of Jesus Christ.
  • Bible schools to give in depth training and empowering to continue the move of the Gospel in Africa.
  • Orphans are given a new lease on life through support each month.

Please become a monthly partner with WORLD IMPACT MINISTRIES, or give your very best gift. The needs are so enormous. Those who can give $1000, please do so. Yet even a gift of $1 will make a difference.

Please help new believers receive follow up, sponsor an orphan child, or the life skill training for one teen- ager without parents, or sponsor the training of Africa's future leaders, or get involved with Heart for Africa's literature program. Whatever you do, let's make a difference and let's do it now. You can change a life, one person at a time.

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