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               Morogoro, East Africa

               Dear Friend,

               Please find a quiet spot to read this, someplace where your spirit is able to receive. I have a heart-to-heart message. Please don’t read in a hurry. Lives depend on this.

               Friend, you are truly in position for God’s very best, because of our connection with the gospel. The Scripture is clear that the hightest and best blessings are a result of what we do with the gospel.

               • Those who give to the gospel receive 100- fold increase.  [Mk 10:29-30]                                                                                                                  • God supplies every need of Paul’s gospel partners.  [Phil 4:19]                                                                                                                                    • Those who participated in the gospel were partakers of the same grace as the apostle Paul. [Phil 1:7]     

               My heart is filled with joy thinking of you. TOGETHER, WE ARE INVOLVED IN CHRIST’S MINISTRY AT ITS FINEST – touching leaders of nations, and reaching the least, the last and the lost.

                I just returned from a welcome parade in the city center here in Morogoro. The streets were lined with people greeting us. Tanzania’s newly elected president sent a cabinet minister, 8 hrs by car, to welcome us. God has given extraordinary favour! These cities receive us as messengers of Christ.
               There is a reason why I rush this to you from East Africa. Since I arrived here a few days ago, our ministry has had to make one of the biggest decisions ever. It concerns our 24/7 television channel to the Muslim world.

               Since we began broadcasting in Karachi, the world’s largest Muslim city in 2014, our channel has been carried by 7 large cable networks. The results are remarkable – an average of 2000 Muslims per month respond to Christ. This is unheard of in the Muslim world – God’s favour!

               All along I have known that we must comply with the broadcast regulations – we must go on satellite. This is a must, not an option. Plus it would be huge, because the satellite reaches 49 Muslim countries. (see satellite map on the response form)

               The broadcast regulators have allowed us to delay time and again. Now we received word that we must be in compliance this month, or we risk losing our broadcast license. 

               There was no time to wait. I had to make the decision right here in Africa. By faith, I sent a message to our tv director, William Sarfraz, in Karachi, Pakistan; go ahead and sign the satellite contract.

               In short, as of June 2016, we are on satellite in 49 Islamic nations like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Yemen.

               Why did I hesitate? Because of finances. Going on satellite means an additional $260,000 per year on top of what we’ve already committed in the Islamic world.

               A dear friend recently told me, “Peter, talk openly to the partners and describe the situations that you face”.

               It occurred to me that I should trust you as a friend and describe this situation in detail. I know that you have a heart for missions. I know that you value and esteem this ministry.

               I was impressed that what this one friend said was also a glimpse into your heart. If I don’t tell you exactly what’s going on, how can I expect God to speak to you?

               So while I’m here in East Africa preaching to tens of thousands in the open air and training over 900 pastors in our Gospel Revolution Seminar, we are also involved in a gospel breakthrough in the Muslim world.

               How could I say “no”? We are broadcasting in a part of the world where people are martyred for their faith in Christ. This is the front lines of the gospel.

               So I said “yes, William, I don’t have the money, but by faith I pledge to you that we will cover the first 3 months of expenses for satellite. Then we must believe for more partners, or we cannot continue. Pray with me for 540 new partners”.

               Our hearts are full of love, but our hands and pockets are empty – we must believe God now to speak to willing people. First, I ask you to send a special gift this month for the first three months of satellite.

               Second, we must have new monthly VIP partners.

               Here is how this could happen:

                • 70 new partners sharing $84/month.

                • 150 new partners sharing $42/month.

                • 320 new partners sharing $30/month.

                Frankly, I don’t know how the Lord God will speak to you. I do know that this whole ministry to the Muslim world is a supernatural work of God. I believe that you are one of these 540 monthly partners. Or, if you are a VIP partner already, that God will speak to you to increase your partnership.

                I write in great detail because I trust you as a co-worker in the gospel. You are a friend in Christ. Please, write and tell me that you’re standing with me. Please, include World Impact Ministries in your monthly budget.         

                And remember that God guarantees His very highest and best to those involved in the gospel. This Scripture caught my attention.

                We pray that God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ will give you his fullest blessings….ALL our prayers for you are full of praise to God!…. Our hearts are full of joy, because of all your wonderful help in sharing the good news, Phil 1:2-5.

                The world needs you! The gospel needs you!

                Your friend and partner in Christ,


               Peter Youngren

P. S.  When I return from Africa, I will prepare a report of the mighty things that God has done here, but I had no time to waste, I had to get this message to you. Thank you for responding!

540 New Partners – it must happen now!  Click here to become a VIP.VIP

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