Hello from Indonesia.

It is great to be back in the world’s largest Muslim nation, the site of 20 successful Gospel Campaigns for our ministry. The welcome at Kupang airport was similar to what we meet in so many places here. The people go out of their way to make us feel welcome. Often I meet people, who think of Indonesia as a place of militant terrorist. There have been rare cases of bomb attacks, but the people here, including the Muslims, are really among the friendliest in the world. The mayor, the Regent and the Chief of Police were at the airport welcoming myself and our whole team. I was surprised that all the dignitaries sang “Happy Birthday”, when I got into the airport. Somebody had let the cat out of the bag, maybe Marius.

Of course some of the team had already been here for a while preparing. Later that evening the Governor of the province came to our hotel and spoke words of welcome.

Our Festival Director, Marius Nikolajsen and Kyle Sweitzer, who is doing TV work, came here directly from the dramatic campaign in Pakistan. Look at some of the enclosed photos. Gods love has once again been revealed to the people. Due to security reasons our TV crew could not visit in homes to interview people, who had been healed in Pakistan. Here in Indonesia, there is an added sense of peace after the recent national elections. Our TV crew led by Kyle Sweitzer has recorded many beautiful wonders of God. You will enjoy seeing these in the months to come on Grace TV. One of the typical heart-touching stories is from blind people, who was offered a surgery, but could not afford it. When Jesus heals them, it is such a beautiful testimony, as they rejoice in how Jesus did “the surgery for free”.

Nothing however beats the nightly sound of thousands of voices responding to the salvation call. Joy in heaven and joy here on earth. Thank you partners! Let me hear from you! -Peter

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