Hello from Kalimantan

Hello from Kalimantan,

Tonight our theme was “The blind can see again”. I love this service. I openly tell the people that I ask God for three things: that blind will see, that many other sickness will be healed, and most of all that spiritual blindness will fall from people’s inward eyes and they will see Jesus.

This last part is so crucial. You see here in Sinkawang there are only a few believers, most are muslims, buddhist and confucianist. The buddhist are unusually strong because of the large Chinese population.

You can see why I say that the removal of spiritual blindness is of utmost importance. The Holy Spirit has to reveal Jesus to the people. My words are not enough. Each person must have an individual meeting the Living Savior.

Well, it happened again tonite, just as we asked God. Many blind were healed. Lots of joy and assurance of salvation. See the enclosed photos.

Thanks for your participation. We do this together. More tomorrow.  -Peter

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