Hello from Oulu!

I left Canada three days ago on my way to Pakistan. News of another bombing that killed 33 people dominated the news two days before I left. What drives this mission is to give everyone an opportunity for the Gospel. Yes, there are terrorists in Pakistan, but also millions of precious people hungry for Jesus.

On my way to Pakistan I took a detour, to visit Oulu in Finland, close to the Arctic circle. This is a thriving university city with a growing population. The Evangelical Free Church was celebrating its 125th anniversary, and had asked me to speak in four outreach services. The people were not focused on reminiscing about long ago “when God moved”, but keen on presenting Jesus to new people. The Saturday services were held in a concert hall to accommodate more people. I was amazed when I gave the invitation to receive Christ in the first service, it looked like about 25% of the people responded, and it continued like that meeting after meeting. When I gave the people opportunity to come to the microphone and honor Jesus for healings that had happened, many gave praise to God. It was quite a display of joy in conservative Finland, The second day he services were held in the church, and I’m happy the fire department didn’t check on us, because we were filled to way beyond the allowable capacity, including the church foyer.

I hope you have a chance to watch Grace TV by cable or satellite in Canada, and streaming in the rest of the world, http://www.gracetelevision.net. While I’m away we have special guest hosts, Mike Zanker, Randy Srochenski and Megen Thurber. Well, I’m on to Pakistan. Let me hear from you. -Peter

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