What a privilege to present Jesus to hurting humanity. Never limit what God can do through your life!

There is a little three-letter word, “HOT,” that the Lord stirred in my heart. Jesus said He wanted His followers to stay hot, not “lukewarm” (Rev. 3:16). If we want to trust in our own effort and strength, we are free to do that, but if we’re going to trust in Jesus and what He has done, let’s do it all the way… red hot!

When I think of “hot”, the word “fire” comes to mind.

God makes his ministers a flame of fire (Psalm 104:4)

John the Baptist prophesied that Jesus would baptize us with the Holy Spirit and fire (Matthew 3:11)

Tongues as of fire descended on the disciples (Acts 2:3)

Friend, it’s one thing to light a fire, it’s another to keep it hot. It’s one thing to get a revelation of Jesus, and it’s another to stay strong in that revelation. Here is a word that has remained hot in my spirit for a long time. Twenty-nine years ago in India, while standing in front of the largest audience I’d ever faced up to that point, Jesus spoke these words very clearly in my spirit:

“If you will preach and believe My Gospel, the people will also believe it. You will not need to touch the people for I will come and touch them and confirm my Gospel.”

Twenty-nine years later those words are still burning in my spirit. No matter how many times I repeat those very words, they are as fresh and hot as when Jesus first spoke them. Sometimes I stretch out my hand saying, “Look how my arm is limited,” and then I continue, “but there is another invisible hand stretched over this audience and that arm has no limitation.”

Often there are acres and acres of people; some 500-100 feet from the platform. Obviously I can’t touch everyone. My hand is limited, but not the hand of God.

That promise from God twenty-nine years ago applies to our whole prayer ministry. There is no limit with God. The same kinds of testimonies we receive in our Gospel Festivals happen here in our GRACE PRAYER CENTER. Please include your prayer request on the response form.

You know it’s amazing how one little three letter word, “HOT” can impact your spirit.

• HOT PASSION is an excitement about Jesus that is just as strong today as when you first met Him.

• HOT VISION is a sense of purpose and destiny and divine call as real today as when you were first born again.

• HOT GENEROSITY is cheerful, generous giving in response to what Jesus has done, expecting an abundant harvest of increase.

Circumstances can sometimes lessen our fervor. As awesome as this outreach to East Africa was, one of the negative effects is that it really depleted our missions funds. I was a bit discouraged about it and then I asked the Lord to speak into my spirit and I was expecting maybe a longer word, but instead I just felt the Holy Spirit speak, “stay hot.”

Now it’s one thing to be told to stay hot, it’s another thing to know how. Well the reason for our fervor and commitment is none other than Jesus Himself. He is the source of HOT PASSION, HOT VISION and a HOT GENEROSITY for souls.

The day after I returned from Africa I preached a message, “Our Progressive Walk in Christ.” I think you’ll really find it helpful. Please, ask for it on the response form. It’s available FREE OF CHARGE.

We know from the story of Samuel that there was always a light burning in the House of God that never must go out (1 Sam 3:31). Well that light and fire is now burning in us; Christ in us is our light.

Release YOUR HOT GENEROSITY in a SEED GIFT FOR SOULS! World Impact Ministries critically needs a financial miracle of $210,000 to bring us up to date and give us the ability to move forward for the next outreach. Will you be one of those that God makes His flames of fire? Maybe you can give $210, or $140 or $70. There may be even someone who can give $2100.

All I ask is that you allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you. Please do not delay. I will be looking for your response. Thank you in Jesus’ name!

Your Partner,

Peter Youngren

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