Incredible happenings in “world’s most dangerous country”

“Prevail” is a powerful word. It means to be “strong against” or to “rise above”. The grace of Jesus Christ is so strong that it rises above any circumstance.

  • • “Prevailing prayers” rise above any problem.
  • • The gates of hell shall not prevail against, or rise above, the church Jesus is building.
  • • The waters of Noah prevailed over the earth, which means the water rose higher than the land. In Ephesus, “So mightily grew the Word of God and prevailed”. Simply put, God’s word rose higher than all the problems.

Do you see it? God’s grace rises higher than any other force, situation, scheme, or deception of the devil. God’s grace is always “sufficient”. That is exactly what we saw in Pakistan, “the most dangerous country in the world”, according to the US president. But even there God’s grace prevailed.

Yes, we faced bomb threats, which escalated to suicide bomb threats. Yet right in those dire circumstances, the grace of God rose higher; thousands of Muslims were saved, healed and delivered.

I wish you could have been there the night I preached, “The blind can see again”, with twenty-five outstanding healings of blindness; 22 were Muslims and 3 Hindus. Some had traveled many hours, some were born blind, but all heard the Gospel and were set free.

Paul tells the Philippians that they were “part-takers with him in grace”. No one had communicated in giving and receiving like the Philippians and now they were recipients of the same grace that was on Paul’s ministry. Your giving is a part of historical happenings that are shaking nations.

Don’t you think that the same God, who gave such a historical harvest in Pakistan, is going to see to it that there is a harvest of increase in your life? Absolutely!

This email and photo report is being prepared while I am in Indonesia. Our next campaign is in northern Nigeria, in an area known for Islamic hostility. God really gives us “favor in the lion’s den”, and you, partner, have the same favor on your life. These historical outreaches must not come to a halt. I need to hear from you now. Please, take the following steps:

1. Take and moment and consider the areas where you need God’s grace to prevail in your life.

2. Sow your best SEED GIFT FOR SOULS for these historical breakthroughs. YOU ARE WITH ME IN ACTION through your seed offering. I ask everyone to plant a seed gift of $60 or more. Some can give $100, $125 or $200, while others could just as easily give $500, $1,000 or even $5,000. Thank you for letting your heart direct you.

3. Ask for my new teaching album A New and Living Way. This promises to be a popular album as I contrast the old and dead way of prayer, faith, or ministry with a new and living way that brings you the answers God has provided.

I can’t emphasize enough how important your response is! Our teams overseas are working night and day, risking their lives for the Gospel. It would be a tragedy for me to have to notify them that we lack finances and must stop upcoming campaigns. Thank you for taking action. I will look for your response!

Yours for souls,

Peter Youngren

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