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I know it’s only been about a week since I last wrote.. but soooooo much has happened!

As I wrote last time, we were planning a huge youth festival, in the city of Balige. And although we had many supporting us, including the Regent of the area, there were also many against us. I began to hear of others calling on witch doctors and other sorts of things to try and stop our event from going forward.

2 days before the event I looked over the city of Balige and prayed for the young generation there and gave all of the worries and all of the event over to Jesus. I felt to read through the beginning of the Book of Acts. I was really inspired by the Apostles and how they lived their lives! No matter what happened they would not stop preaching the gospel! They only prayed for more boldness to continue on preaching the good news! Then I was blown away when I read these verses; Acts 5:38b-39a. “For if this plan or this work is of men, it will come to nothing. But if it is of God, you cannot overthrow it.” This is exactly what I needed to remember! I knew that the youth festival in Balige was not my plan; I knew it was all God. When I read these verses I realized that no matter what others tried to do to stop the gospel from being preached… they couldn’t succeed! It was such a wonderful joy. And prepared me for the next day.

The day before the festival. In the morning the police began to cause problems. Claiming that day they were going to come and take me and the team in and put us in jail. They would not accept the permission we already had for the event and field. Saying we needed a different one and so the event must be canceled. I would not let myself give in… I remembered this verse! This event was God’s plan… no one, not even the police or jail could over throw it!

And then the next day I need to stand on this verse again:

The day of the festival. Until an hour before the event we were still short about $2,000CAN. There was no more money to pay for the sound system, stage, everything already on the field. It looked like this lack of funds would hinder everything.

So… what happened you ask???

God worked in AWESOME and INCREDIBLE ways!!

Not only did I not go to jail. The chief of police gave us a new permission that allowed the event to continue as planned! And right before we started we received news that God had miraculously provided exactly the amount of funds that we needed! We began to dance around with joy!! It was ALL God!! No one and nothing can stop God!!!

He so loved the youth of Balige that He called us there to bring them the good news of His love for them!

And even though the first night it rained we still enjoyed a great and exciting night.

And the second night it rained hard right at the starting time. But we gathered together in prayer… giving it over to God. And started the event… and by the end the sky was clear and a big crowd had gathered!

The excitement and joy was beyond words!!

When given the opportunity 100’s of youth raised their hands and prayed to receive God’s amazing love in the form of Jesus into their lives!!

It was the MOST amazing thing I have experienced here in Indonesia… to be able to look at 1,000’s of young faces and share with them the great love of their father!

It was the FIRST time this city had ever experienced anything like this! It is a city full of drugs and problems among the young people. But they all came together on the field and lifted their voices to praise God! Absolutely amazing!!

Incomparable joy!!

The local pastors and young people were like fire after the event! Sharing how a new excitement had gotten a hold of them! And while I am here writing this now the local youth have already began to follow up the youth who received Jesus on the field!!

This weekend I will return to Balige to continue working with the local youth to follow up on these new youth! It is much more than a 2 day event… that was just the beginning of God’s amazing plan for the youth in that city!!

Even my own band, 4LL 4 JC, shared how this event had changed their lives! Our newest member shared how he used to play in front of 1,000’s for the world. ‘It’s just so different.’ He said. For the first time he felt such joy while playing… because now he was playing for God!

I want will attach many pictures… but I wish that you had seen it with your own eyes! It caused my eyes to fill up with tears of joy…

God using us to bring the gospel to sooooo many!

Thank you soooooo much for your prayers and support! Through all the struggles I felt the prayers of so many for this past week!

I have attached pictures below. I won’t write a caption on each one… they are all from this past week in Balige. They range from me preaching, to our youth team, to what the crowd looked like, to me hugging the Regent’s wife there (who attended both nights), to the youth celebrating Jesus,to us handing out publicity the week before the event, to my band in front of one of our billboards, to me with our special guest singers, etc, etc…

I am so thankful to God for His amazing and marvelous works! I am absolutely blown away at all that has happened this week…

Thank you so much for being a part of this!

God gave me this vision for young people about a year ago… but now. With your help, it has become a reality!! It is completely amazing and I canÕt wait to take it to other cities!!

The young generation will not be lost to drugs, sex, and alcohol… it will be saved and change the nation!!!

God is more awesome than we even know!!!

Susan Joy

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