Internet Liars: Peter Youngren comments

The Internet has become a haven for anonymous liars, who operate without accountability. The lies about myself, our church and ministries are too many to itemize. To list them would dignify that which is inherently evil. Grant it, a few statements are by people, who probably have good intentions, but they are just as ignorant and untrue nevertheless. Others make serious lies, which rise to the level of defamation. The worst lies are half- truths; facts are twisted and motivations are imagined.

I do not know who the people are that attack our ministry. Some deceptively pretend to be current or past staff members. Other engage in conversations with themselves, making an entry under one name, only to comment on their own entry under a different name, making it seem there is a big interest in their ideas. Blatant lies by anonymous writers can go unchallenged for years.

I am writing this because people ask me why I don’t respond. To me, it is just so unscriptural to respond to anonymous accusers. When the sons of Korah accused Moses, or when Shimei taunted and mocked David we know the names of those accusers. Moses and David were willing to meet their accusers; that’s my attitude, and the attitude of any man of God.

The only exception to the above anonymity is a pastor of a small church in Europe. I know who he is, and he writes under many different headlines and names. This man has dedicated himself to spread lies. I have tried to speak with him, but to no avail. It is so sad to see a man once on fire for Jesus become obsessed, trying to vindicate himself, by attacking others.

I have many faults and failures, just like everyone else, including the great heroes of the Bible and of Church history. God’s grace has enabled me to be transparent about those flaws before my church and before spiritual friends, like our partners. But you won’t see me share my heart in cesspool of mudslinging on Christian blog sites. Jesus said something about where you share your pearls.

This lying spirit is not new; it has always been at work against the Gospel, through evil rumors, distortions and false accusations. Jesus was accused of being a deceiver (John 7:12), and possessed by Beelzebub, the devil. Paul didn’t fare any better. He was called a “plague”, a “creator of dissension”, and “a ringleader” (Acts 24:5).

Earlier this year veteran broadcaster, David Mainse, spoke on television about bloggers that lie, “You get on the blogs and the blogs are always lies. Half truths are lies. One of the reasons that gossip, backbiting, is in the same list in the Scripture as murder and adultery … because if you don’t have all the facts—this is why you have editorial controls where there are checks and balances. That’s why an editorial board is in a newspaper. Checks and balances. But on the blogs—I treat a blog just like I treat the rags that are at the checkout counter at the grocery store. I don’t read them. I refuse to read them. They are half-truths. They have not been well researched. The have no editorial control. There are no checks or balances on these, so they are not reliable.” Amen to that.

In one way I am encouraged when I see liars so active in and around our ministry. I know the one, who is really interested that our ministry would suffer setback and loss, the devil. 

Meanwhile Grace Television is reaching people, and in the next 9 weeks we have 3 mega Gospel Campaigns that will reach hundreds of thousands with the Gospel.

Peter Youngren

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