Is Born-Again Hatred OK?

When I wrote my latest book, “My Muslim Friends,” I anticipated some backlash. We Christians often view Muslims as aggressive, but we don’t always realize that we can be pretty aggressive ourselves.  Well, my expectations have been realized.

I am amazed that “born-again, Spirit filled” believers openly say that they hate Muslims. Friends have told me, “We love you Pastor Peter and we read all your books, but I just can’t bring myself to reading this one because I’ve hated Muslims my whole life.” Is this what we have come to?  It’s ok to boldly proclaim to be born-again and have hatred towards a particular group? I could make all kinds of arguments… why Christians should be forgiving, filled with the love of Jesus, zealous for reaching Muslims with the Good News, but I don’t know if my urgings would do any good. So, let me tackle this from a different perspective.

Sometimes I pick up a book or read a newspaper article where I can tell by the headline that it is going to be completely contrary to what I believe. It is healthy to read opinions that are opposed to your own because usually after you have read the best arguments of those who are opposed to you, you only become more convinced that you were right all along.

“My Muslim Friends” has compelling arguments based on Jesus and the Bible. I encourage my Christian friends that if you are sure that your convictions concerning Muslims is correct, then reading what I have to say in “My Muslim Friends” will only solidify your own convictions.

On the other hand, there is always that remote chance (one in a million maybe) that there could be something we missed. Maybe “My Muslim Friends” will be an eye-opener.  Islam vs. Christianity is the news story of the 21st century. Could it be that there are considerations that we haven’t considered yet?  You may think this is a blatant commercial to order the book, “My Muslim Friends” off this website. Of course I want you to order it. In fact, for the next two weeks I will throw in the shipping and handling for free. It is not really about selling a book. It’s about 1.4 billion Muslims, it’s about Jesus, and how He feels about the Muslim world.

The back cover reads; ” In this sometimes provocative and challenging book, Christians are encouraged to discard bigoted views of Muslims, while Muslims are challenged to learn more of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The author quotes freely from the Bible as well as Islam’s holy book, the Koran, noting that these are the only ancient scriptures that give Jesus a supreme position. In a world that seemingly inches ever closer to the precipice of disaster, this book advocates a path of friendship rather than fanaticism, dialogue instead of division. Most of all, readers will be drawn into a deeper encounter with Jesus.”

Why not give it a try? For $12 you will have “My Muslim Friends” in your hands. Read it and if you feel like the thoughts I have expressed have no value, all you have lost is $12. If, on the other hand, I give you food for thought, you might discover a hundred doors of opportunity that you never even realized were there.

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