Is God preparing for an “angry September”?

The doomsday prophets are at it with new intensity and Christians are too easily caught up in the frenzy. Websites, including those representing major publications and large ministries, are peddling the latest “prophetic” tips on the cataclysmic events about to unfold in September 2015! Here are some headlines that caught my eye today [my comments are italicized in brackets]:

  • Prophetic insights into stock market drop [never mind that it has already halfway recovered].
  • America races towards God’s judgment [what about ‘our judgment fell on Christ’ – Isaiah 53].
  • Obama makes a pact with the devil on September 23 [I didn’t make this up].
  • Prophetic dream: America’s destruction is coming [Maybe it was just a nightmare].
  • Asteroid Impact Apocalypse,  September 2015 [the guy who prophesied it still lives in the town where the 1000 foot wave is supposed to hit].

These “end time prophecies” include the caveat, usually at the very end of a long list of predictions, that possibly it won’t happen in September, although it sure looks like it. The prediction of a large asteroid hitting the eastern seaboard,  causing 1000 foot waves was originally scheduled for September 23rd or 24th,  but with the date so close, it has been changed to “very soon”.

For more on the widespread predictions associated with the Shemitah year and the Blood Moons, read my article “The Shemitah Year and Four Blood Moons“.

A few admonitions in this environment of religious lunacy:

  • God is not preparing anything new or different for September. The good that God has prepared for all people is already included in the finished work of Jesus Christ. And that was done 2000 years ago. Today God is smiling on planet Earth.
  • God is angry at what sin does to people, not at people. God is who God has always been – LOVE! The Pharisees wanted an angry God and when Jesus showed that the real God is a Father with hugs and kisses for the prodigal son, they rejected that God – “away with him”, “crucify him”!
  • Prophesy hope in Christ! Old covenant prophets [those who lived before Christ’s finished work] spoke about the sins of the people; New Covenant prophets [those who live after Christ finished work] testify of Christ, the hope of all people.
  • Don’t become emotionally involved in stupid end time predictions. Watch out! After the September prophecies fail, I predict that there will be new and even crazier predictions.
  • Let’s put our passion [our emotional involvement] where it belongs – on Jesus and the task he gave us – to preach the gospel to every creature.

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