It Only Takes One

Dear Friend,

Franky made me cry. He is only ten years old, has never known his dad, and his mom is as poor as can be. He lives with his brother and sister in an almost unimaginable condition… kitchen, bedroom, everything is squeezed into ten square feet.

Franky started school when he was 6 years old. His mom sells baked goods on the street to pay rent, to get food and for her kids to have shoes to wear to school. Franky doesn’t think of himself as poor; this is the only life he has known. Like all kids rich or poor, he wants to play… swing in the trees, kick a ball with other boys and go to school.

One morning three years ago Franky’s life changed. He felt an excruciating pain in his feet, and day by day the pain got worse, then paralysis set in. Within a few weeks, the paralysis moved from his feet up through his legs. His mother took him to the local hospital, but there was no help. To get an MRI or a CAT scan would require a trip to a much more sophisticated hospital, and the tests would cost money.

Franky could no longer make it to school. The paralyzed boy became very limited; sitting at home on the couch. While his brother and sister were playing outside, Franky’s life was relegated to playing with soda bottle caps that his brother and sister had found on the street.

To me this depicts the cruelty of the enemy of our soul, the devil himself, whose plan for every life is -- limitations, impossibilities and restrictions.

During our Gospel Festival earlier this year in Dar es Salaam, Africa, your partnership reached that little ten square foot room with a leaflet that said, “The lame can walk”. By Thursday night, the rumors had reached Franky’s little home that this was not just an advertisement slogan, it was real; Jesus was showing himself alive to people on the Jangwani grounds in the middle of this huge city.

It wasn’t an easy task after a full days’ work, in the scorching heat of the sun, but Franky’s mother carried him on her back to the Gospel Festival. That night I preached on the lame man, who came through the roof and heard Jesus’ astounding statement, “Son, your sins are forgiven you”.

I told the people that the seed of the Gospel, contains the life of God. An apple seed contains the life of an apple, a mango seed, the life of a mango, and the Gospel seed contains the Life of God. This life produces salvation, healing, blessing… everything you need.

Franky and his mother heard and believed, and when the prayer was offered, suddenly something happened in his feet and legs; there was strength, life, and sensitivity. Franky didn’t hesitate. He got up, and it didn’t take many seconds before he was jumping and running.

The next day some of our team members visited in Franky’s home. Though I met Franky the night he was healed, I hadn’t fully grasped what happened. When one of the team members told me the whole story I cried.. I thought of God’s love for ONE person. I thought of you, and all of our partners who make this possible. In my spirit the words arose – IT ONLY TAKES ONE!

ONE BOY who was willing to believe.

ONE MOTHER was willing to carry her son.

ONE PARTNER paid to print the leaflet that reached Franky’s hand.

ONE PARTNER paid for the sound system that was used to amplify the message that brought faith into Franky’s heart.

ONE PARTNER paid for the follow-up booklet, “Salvation, God’s Gift to You”, that became Franky and his family’s first teaching on their new life in Christ.

Most of all, there is ONE SAVIOR who 2,000 years ago, carried Franky’s sins and sicknesses in His own body on the tree, “one died for all”.

I leave for Indonesia in a few days. I need your help! This campaign will also be the story of many ones, precious muslim and buddhist friends, whose lives will be forever changed. It will also be the story of many partners, who all became that one, who willingly shared a gift that made it all possible.

When we asked Franky 24 hours after his miracle, “how has your life changed?”, he answered, “I just went outside to play ball with my friends, climb trees and have fun!” This muslim neighborhood is looking on in amazement, asking what happened. The answer is echoing from house to house; Jesus healed Franky, Jesus is really alive.

Thank you for not forgetting missions, the unreached and the lost this summer. I really need your help. Will you be that ONE who makes the Indonesia outreach possible? With just a few days to go, we have barely covered half the budget. Please, take these steps:

1 Release your best seed gift now. Click here to donate online.

2 Send your prayer request. World Impact Ministries is in a “Summer of Miracles” and we share praise reports and pray over prayer requests on a daily basis. I want to lay my hands on your prayer requests and believe Jesus for you.

3 Ask for your copy of my latest teaching album, “The Person after God’s Own Heart”. I think you’ll agree that the message I share on those three CDs is pretty amazing and life changing (available with your gift of any amount).

This is a critical time. Thank you for responding now! I need to hear from you within the next ten days. You can be that One friend who makes a difference and brings Jesus to someone in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Thank You!

Your partner for souls,

Peter Youngren

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