“It’s About Changing History”

I have just come from our Pastors Seminar.  Pre-registration was at 985, but by the time we started, last Thursday morning, the number was exceeding 1400.  I have hardly ever seen Pastors so tightly packed in an auditorium.  The purpose of the seminar is to alter history, nothing less.  Pastors David Sterling and Don Sparman have joined me in the teaching.  The number of Christians in Pakistan remains dismally below 1%, and born-again Christians may be about 1 in 10,000.  I asked the pastors, “Are you really preaching the gospel? Or are you preaching a Christian religion message of human performance and merits just like the message of any other religion?”

After showing the fruitlessness of a performance based religious message, I went on to ask “How are you treating your Muslim neighbours?” and “Do you consider Muslims enemies and sinners?”  Remember, God loved us when we were “enemies”, and Jesus was a special friend of sinners.  In the end, I think it was clear to the pastors that we were here to change history.  I taught the revelation of the New Covenant, but I also spoke prophetically into the local situation.  Pastors from 26 cities across Pakistan were represented.

One of the revealing moments of the seminar was when I asked for the ethnicity of the pastors.  Since the seminar was held in the Sindh province, I first asked how many delegates were Sindhi by nationality.  One hand was raised.  Then I asked how many were Pashtun, Baluch, or Farsi, other major people groups of Pakistan.  Not one hand was raised.  Finally, “how many are from Punjabi ethnicity?” and every hand went up.  I was illustrating that whatever little gospel there is in Pakistan has been confined to one people group.  Many wept as God touched their hearts and as the Holy Spirit imparted vision to take the Gospel beyond its current confinement.

Daily we hear reports of car bombings and suicide bombings.  It was really a miracle that our meeting could proceed on Thursday night, the second day of our Festival.  I still have not completely figured out how it happened, except that the Lord did it.  One 85year old lady called the advisor to Pakistan’s President and pleaded with him, maybe this made a difference.  I don’t know, just that the Lord overturned our cancellation.

Right now, I am on my way to a ‘friendship dinner’.  The room will be full of Muslim Leaders, scholars, politicians and professors.  Several of them will speak for 5 minutes, and then I present Jesus Christ- we don’t want to leave one stone unturned but get the seed of Jesus into as many hearts as possible.  More tomorrow.


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