It’s Time for Your Harvest

Dear Friend:

Have you considered the power of a seed? When you plant a seed into God’s kingdom, that SEED IS MULTIPLIED.

Jesus said, “except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abides alone…”

That’s amazing! Jesus said, THE SEED MUST DIE! Why is this so important? Because when the seed dies, it is rendered useless. Now, once that seed is useless to us it becomes useful to God.

Jesus continued, “if it dies, it brings forth much fruit” (Jn 12:24).

When your seed is rendered useless to you, it triggers the miracle of multiplication: “it brings forth much fruit.” When a seed is in the ground it enters the stage of death and becomes useless to the farmer. He cannot eat it. He cannot sell it. He cannot give it to his livestock. The seed has become useless to him; it has died.

When your seed gift to World Impact Ministries leaves your control, it ceases to be of immediate benefit to you. At that moment something happens. Now that seed is “dead” to you, but it is alive in God’s hand. It is entirely in the hand of the One who is the source of the harvest.

This is the miracle zone where that seed is multiplied back to you.

King David experienced this when he went to worship God at a special place far from his own home. He had to acquire the animals that he was to sacrifice from a local landowner. Since David had a lot of stature, the landowner graciously offered to give the animals free of charge. Of course this was a very kind gesture, but David refused to sacrifice to God that which had cost him nothing (see 2 Sam. 24: 18-25).

David said, “never will I offer unto the Lord my God of that which cost me nothing…”

David knew that only an offering that cost him something would accurately demonstrate God’s love for him and his love for God. David had to let go of something that belonged to him. Something that belonged to David had to “die” in order for the harvest to come.

There is more. The seed that is released from your hand continues to produce a harvest.

Sixteen years ago I appealed to friends and partners to give the Gospel to Bulgaria. Our Bulgarian Gospel Festival became the largest gospel gathering ever in Europe. Bulgarian police reported more than a quarter of a million people in attendance night after night.

Why am I telling that story now? Well, just a few days ago I received a phone call from a pastor friend. During his summer vacation he met a Bulgarian man named Izzy. Sixteen years ago Izzy was a communist and atheist, but he had a neighbour who was an invalid. One day he was called to his neighbour’s house:

“Please Izzy, carry me to the Central Square, God is doing miracles for people.”

Izzy didn’t believe but was finally persuaded, “Izzy, I don’t know anybody as strong as you. I need your help to carry me to the meeting.”

Izzy recalls how he heard me tell a story about a man who had received healing. By the time I prayed for the people in Bulgaria that night, Izzy reports that I said, “do what you couldn’t do before, walk in the name of Jesus, throw away your crutches. Jesus heals you now.”

Somehow, the Holy Spirit made this real for Izzy and he turned to his neighbour; “did you hear that? If you throw away your crutches now Jesus will heal you!”

“I don’t have the strength to throw my crutches.”

Izzy shot back, “I’ll throw your crutches away for you and Jesus will heal you.”

It didn’t take many seconds for Izzy to take action and before any of them hardly knew what had happened, the man who had been an invalid for years was walking, running and rejoicing.

Izzy saw me interviewing people who had been healed and tried to get up on the platform to tell me what had happened, but there was such a long lineup of people ahead of him that he became irritated. He tried to push aside the man who was just ahead of him:

“Can’t you see that a crippled man has been healed? We need to get up on the platform.”

Izzy got a shocking response as the man pointed with his index finger towards the pupils of his newly opened eyes: “what about me? I was born blind. I’ve never seen out of these two eyes until tonight.”

Well, Izzy told my friend that he and his healed neighbour never got to the platform. He describes, “there were too many people so we finally went home rejoicing.”

Do you see the chain reaction of a seed?

Somebody gave a seed offering, the moment it was released it became useless to the giver. However, at the same moment it became useful in the hand of God. That seed-gift brought the reality of Jesus to Izzy, to his invalid neighbour and to a blind man. Today Izzy is planting a church.

That seed-offering sown 16 years ago is still producing gospel results.

Partners, what a privilege! We are not just involved in a nice work: we are co-workers in a Gospel outreach blessed by God Himself.

Remember the boy who gave his lunch basket to Jesus (John 6). Once those five loaves and two fishes left his hand, they were rendered useless to the boy. It seemed like he would go without food, except that his basket was put into Jesus’ hands. In the end the boy got more to eat than he ever could have imagined; 12 baskets left over.

That’s the power of a seed!

That boy’s lunch became a seed that provided lunch for 5000, and in return he received more than any person could ever eat by himself.

The feeding of 5000 was propelled by a seed offering.

The phenomenal reports on what God is doing around the world through World Impact Ministries start with partners who release a seed.

Last month I wrote to you about the enormous challenge before us; six gigantic gospel outreaches in four months. I’m grateful for those who responded but we still have a long way to go. Thank you for having an open heart to God’s prompting.

Today, please take your biggest seed and let it fall into the ground of the Gospel and die. Let your seed offering become useless to you, release it into the Gospel and watch God multiply your seed back to you.

It’s time for YOUR HARVEST.

I’m writing this letter with an unction of the Holy Spirit. I don’t dare to suggest the amount you should sow into this Gospel Ministry, because I’m afraid that I may be interfering with what the Holy Spirit is putting on your heart. God will give you faith for the amount that will be YOUR SEED!

Release the amount God gives you faith for, and please do it now. Please, use the enclosed envelope and response form for your seed-offering.

Your seed will produce harvest in Indonesia, Pakistan, India and Nigeria; but, most of all, it will produce a harvest and bear “much fruit” in your house.

Thank you for taking this step of faith today.

Together for souls,

Peter Youngren

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