Jayapura, Indonesia Festival

Final Report


Day 3 Report

The Jayapura Friendship Festival reached its climax in the final evening. The crowds, excited from all the miracles that took place yesterday, almost doubled from previous nights.

Pastor Youngren preached that nothing, no negative circumstance or physical condition, is so bad that God is not able to change it. When the devil whispers “impossible” God says “Everything is possible for the one who believes.” “You might be sick in your body, bound by prostitution or drug addiction,” he continued, “but Jesus will heal and deliver you.”

Multitudes received Jesus today and this is of course the greatest miracle!

When praying for the sick Pastor Peter paid special attention to the blind. About 10 people came up on stage and testified about healing from blindness or cataracts.

One of them, 63 year old Napitipulu, received a double miracle. Not only was he healed from cataracts. He came to the meeting with a tumor in his stomach, but now it is suddenly gone.

Margot, a middle-aged woman, had not been able to speak for 20 years but today she started speaking!

Asmiati, 25 years old, a Muslim lady had been tormented in her mind by evil spirits for 9 years but today she was delivered by Jesus.

The festival was closed by Governor Lukas Enembe who, excited to see all the miracles, invited Peter Youngren to come back again to Jayapura next year.

Thank you Partners who made the Jayapura Friendship Festival possible!

Day 2 Report

Night 2 is over and what a night it was! Today we were spared from rain and the crowds grew compared to day one.

Peter Youngren made it crystal clear from the beginning to all curious people who had come to the field that he can’t heal anyone – Jesus alone is the healer and savior. He only shares the Word, which is Jesus himself. Being a spiritual farmer, his job is to sow Jesus seeds into people’s lives. Every seed produces after its own kind. Apple seeds produce apples and orange seeds produce oranges. Jesus seeds produce eternal life, healing and deliverance.

Before inviting people to receive Jesus, Pastor Peter made the same proclamation that Jesus made to the lame man who was brought to Jesus through the roof:

“Jayapura, Your sins are forgiven! Jesus was the lamb of God that took away the sins of the world. Everyone who calls on the name of Jesus shall be saved.”

As a response thousands of hands were lifted when the invitation was made.

These Jesus seeds produced numerous miracles and healings. Tonight we truly saw the blind see, the deaf hear and the lame walk.

The first healing testimony on stage was a 60 year old man named Kris, who had not been able to walk for the past 6 months. When Pastor Peter commanded the lame to rise up and walk in the name of Jesus we saw him lying on the ground unable to walk. But within a few minutes something happened and suddenly he was up walking! People were going wild in the field when they saw this happen!

Six people came up on stage testifying that Jesus had healed them from rheumatism, One of them, Adrian, had suffered from rheumatism for the past 30 years.

Martin, 66, had gone through an operation because of cataracts in one of his eyes. But the operation only helped temporarily and now the cataracts had spread to both eyes. Today he was totally healed by Jesus.

There were so many testimonies that after the meeting was over people remained in the field dancing and singing for joy over all that God had done.

We thank God!

Day 1 Report

God really showed His greatness tonight in Jayapura. Our Festival is held in the area of the city most heavily populated by Muslims.

Just about when the first testimony was to be given…a torrential downpour started. It wouldn’t be correct to call it rain because it was more like buckets of water poured from the sky. We were soaked within a few seconds. Amazingly almost all the crowd stayed, and what a night it became, with astounding testimonies of healing from blindness, deafness, tumours and paralysis.

It was exciting to see so many notable wonders the first night. I was especially touched by the healing of an 11 year old boy who had not walked for nine years, and an older man, who had been totally deaf and blind.

About ten minutes into the healing service the rain started to taper off, but by then the energy of praise was so high that the people barely noticed.

Best of all was that thousands prayed to receive Christ. Can’t wait till tomorrow. Jesus is faithful.

Press Conference and VIP Dinner

After a long and tiring trip – traveling from North America to Jayapura is one of the longest trips one can make with an airplane – Peter and Taina Youngren arrived safely early on Wednesday morning. As soon as their feet touched the ground they were welcomed by local dancers who performed one of their traditional cultural dances. Well inside the airport terminal they were graciously greeted and welcomed by the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, who had invited Pastor Peter to come and hold this festival in Jayapura.

After a few hours of sleep they headed on to the press conference and Friendship Dinner with political and religious leaders. In the press conference Pastor Peter emphasized that God loves the people of Papua, no matter what their religious or ethical background is, and that Jesus will do miracles this coming week for Christians and Muslims alike without discrimination.

The Friendship Dinner, hosted by the Governor, saw representatives from the Christian, Muslim and Hindu religions. In his speech Pastor Peter said that he had not come to Jayapura to lift up one religion above the other but to focus on changed hearts through the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Prepping the Festival Grounds

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