Jayapura, Indonesia


Immediately following the first day of our Festival in Jayapura, Indonesia reports spread like wild fire across the region detailing the astounding miracles that took place the first night of the Festival.

The largest newspaper in the area ran a front page story featuring the miracle we reported to you in our last Impact Minute update regarding the man who fell out of a coconut tree. He had come to the Festival directly from the hospital and rose up out of his wheel chair healed.

We would have a difficult time to find proper adjectives to adequately describe the impact felt across the province, which is in the midst of tough political change.

Such was the influence realized that Pastor Peter was invited to speak to the Papuan Parliament. It was remarkable to see veteran politicians moved to tears as God’s presence touched their lives through the words Pastor Peter presented. He skillfully relayed the love of God to each politician’s own individual situation despite their rank or position. The moment was historical and unforgettable as he led the entire assembly in a prayer to receive God’s forgiveness, love and grace. The Governor, who had met Pastor Peter at the airport on arrival, and opened the first night of the Festival, came to the airport as Pastor Peter was leaving Jayapura. As they prayed together tears of gratitude ran down the Governor’s face as God’s love touched his heart.

Not to be overshadowed by any of the other noteworthy activities were the final two days of our Pastor’s seminar. As Pastor Peter challenged the pastors to take the attitude of Jesus and love all people including their Muslim population, revelation sunk deep into their hearts. “This is what you have prayed and fasted for”, he proclaimed. Pastors whom had been in ministry for years wept for the lost in their nation. They exclaimed they had never heard such profound wisdom and insight into the Gospel.

Spurred by the notable miracles on day one of the Festival in Jayapura, the massive crowd continued to swell for the second and third day overflowing well outside the boundaries of the soccer stadium. Many traveled from great distances to receive from God. It was not hard to feel the tangible hunger to receive from God among the population of Jayapura.

Like a calm before the storm, the multitude of people listened in complete silence, hanging on every syllable as Pastor Peter slowly but with tremendous authority proclaimed the healing prayer out over the mass of people. “The words that I speak are words of life. RECEIVE FROM JESUS NOW!”

As suddenly as the words were spoken, like a tidal wave of emotion, the crowd erupted into a mighty roar as people began to realize their healing across the stadium.

Invited to come and testify what Jesus had done for their bodies those who had been healed thronged the platform in such numbers it was impossible to interview them all. An incredible number of reports were received the next day of healings that had taken place which never made it to the platform to testify. “The hundreds of miracles we have seen each night are wonderful, but the greatest miracle possible is NEW LIFE from Jesus.” These were the words spoken as Pastor Peter led the crowd in a prayer to receive Jesus’ righteousness. Thousands upon thousands of precious Indonesians lifted their hands signifying their desire to receive this awesome gift from God.

We give all thanks and praise to Jesus, without Whom none of the remarkable wonders we have seen would be remotely possible.

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