Karachi, Pakistan Festival

Final Report


Day 5 Report


This historic Gospel Festival in the heart of Pakistan has been a huge success! The final night drew a crowd larger than what has ever been seen at a Christian event in Karachi.

Peter Youngren preached a simple Gospel message. Thousands responded positively to the invitation to receive new life in Christ Jesus. To see Muslims lift their hands and confess Jesus as Lord is extraordinary!

There were many notable healings. A young girl, Genius, had not been able to walk since birth. Today she took her first steps. The crowd shouted in excitement and joy.

One Christian woman brought a Muslim friend for healing from deafness. He was healed by Jesus tonight! This young Muslim man looked surprised, but very happy for his healing.

History was written in Karachi. Never has a Gospel event been held just a few hundred meters from the mausoleum of Pakistan’s founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah – in the heart of Pakistan. Never has a multitude of this size heard the gospel before in Karachi.

A great thank you to all of our partners and friends that made this event possible!

Day 4 Report


Today was the final day of the pastors’ seminar. The pastors and leaders of Karachi asked many theological questions about God’s grace and the new covenant. Pastor Peter answered them all with great revelation of Jesus.

Later he tweeted: “What a great morning at the Gospel Revolution Seminar in Karachi. Our Q & A sessions had many smart questions” @peteryoungren

The Festival tonight saw the largest crowd so far. The field was filled with hands raised to receive Jesus during the salvation call. There was an explosion of miraculous healings. It was amazing!

43 year old Joseph had come to the meeting supported by a walker. Suddenly he lifted it up over his head and started to walk in front of the crowd. This miracle made the whole field erupt in excitement. For the next hour, miracle after miracle was reported.

One woman, who had attended night 3, shared her amazing story. Her son had been cross-eyed since birth. When Pastor Peter prayed for blind eyes to open, her son was at home. But she put her hands on her own eyes believing for his healing. When she got home she discovered that he was healed! She was so happy. Tonight she brought her son to the stage to share their story.

The most touching story was that of 30 year old Rabina. She had been totally deaf since birth & was healed tonight by Jesus. Since she had never been able to hear before, she was not able to speak to us. By making sounds with her mouth the best she could, she let us know that she was healed. Rabina’s mother also joined her on stage and verified the healing. Hallelujah!

We give glory to Jesus for the miracles taking place in Karachi. Thank you partners for your prayers and support!

Day 3 Report


Day 3 in Karachi was the start of the Eid holiday. Muslims slaughter a lamb or goat in remembrance of Abraham’s sacrifice of his son. Pastor Peter started the service commemorating the holiday.

He tweeted: “Eid-Muslim commemoration of God providing Lamb for Abraham’s son - starts today. A reminder of Jesus, the Lamb of God who took world’s sins.” @peteryoungren

Then Peter preached a message about God, who opens blind eyes and sets captives free. He explained “captivity” as physical, mental, and emotional strife.

Several blind people received their sight tonight. Rockson is 8 years old. He was born with very weak eyesight. He had just received new thick glasses. He came to the Festival tonight with his mother, and got healed! Now he does not need his brand new glasses any more.

A 2 year old boy, Adrian, was born prematurely. He had never been able to stand or walk. Tonight he was healed by Jesus & walked for the first time! His mother was so happy as she explained what had happened. Now she saw a bright future for her beloved son.

One of the most enthusiastic reactions came from a man who was healed in his shoulder.  His face was shining with joy as he swung his arm around to demonstrate his healing.

Day 2 of the pastors’ seminar grew in attendance. Peter Youngren and guest speaker Oddleif Wahll from Norway shared New Covenant realities. Jesus is touching the hearts and minds of the pastors here in Karachi.

Day 2 Report


Tonight’s festival is simply - terrific. Pastor Peter shared a message about the word of God, a seed that produces miracles in peoples lives. He tweeted: “Crowd doubled from 1st to 2nd night in Karachi. Thousands said ‘yes’ at the salvation call. Many precious Muslim friends healed by Jesus.” @peteryoungren

The first healing testimony tonight was amazing. A Muslim lady who had brought her two daughters to the festival came on stage. One of the daughters, 7 year old Aveen, had been partially deaf for the last 2 years. Today her hearing was restored. This initial testimony encouraged other Muslims to come forward to the stage and testify about their healing.

A 25 year old man, Afzal, who had not been able to walk for the last 4 months was healed and able to walk without any assistance. Shabaz was healed from back pain he had experienced for the last 3 years. They could now bend their backs without any pain. Maros, 49, testified that the tumor he had for the past 3-4 years in his kidney was now gone.

The examples above illustrate the diversity of the healing’s tonight; deafness, paralysis, back pain and tumors. The people in the field were filled with excitement by the testimonies. We thank Jesus for what He did tonight.

The day started with the launch of a 3 day Pastor’s and leaders seminar. A great start with approximately 1200 pastors in attendance. Reports are received from people who testify they have been living with “one foot in the old” and “one foot in the new covenant.” This gives witness to how the message of New Covenant Living is quickly catching on.

Day 1 Report


The first night of the Karachi Friendship Festival was a success. Everything went along safely as multiple efforts had been made to ensure the security on the festival field. Each person entering the festival grounds had to pass through several different security checks, including two different metal detectors.

Before the Festival, Peter Youngren tweeted: “I’m grateful to Jesus & to all partners… the message of the grace of Jesus Christ will ring in the heart of Pakistan.” He preached a simple message on salvation and healing. Many raised their hands when asked if they wanted to receive Jesus.

Testimonies began to flood the stage, several people testified about healing from deafness. One of them, a 55 year old Muslim by the name of Aqeel, had been deaf in his right ear for the last 9 years. Today he was healed by Jesus.

Sunita, age 30, was healed from severe pain in her leg. She had not been able to join her family in the traditional manner of sitting down for a family dinner, her only option was to sit on a chair. After the meeting she told us how troublesome this condition had been in her everyday life. Signs and wonders have been confirmed here tonight.

Conference call with Peter Youngren


Historical Impact in Karachi

One of the largest daily newspapers, Ummat, with 5 million circulation, has suggested fraud, that underneath the ‘friendship’ approach and mention of ‘healings’ in the advertisement, there is a hidden agenda to convert people to Christianity. In his response to the newspaper, Peter Youngren wrote of his commitment to not compare religions or lift up one religion above the other. “My purpose is to focus on God’s love for all, as revealed through what Jesus Christ has done for the world.” The venue for the campaign is a huge field, never before granted to a Christian group, across from the huge mausoleum in Karachi (12.5 million population). Tension is high and security is tight, while all public, where Pakistan’s founder is buried.

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