Lester Sumrall’s Question

Dear Friend,

“The wealth of the sinner is laid up for the righteous”, (Proverbs 13:22).

The world is going through a massive financial shaking; we are bombarded with headlines screaming “crisis”, “recession” and “depression”. Yet, as is often the case in the Bible, when the natural circumstances are at their lowest, the conditions are just right for a miracle.

These are perfect times to receive God’s blessing. How can I be so sure? Because the wealth of the world belongs to the righteous; this is our time!

Egypt was the richest nation on earth, while the children of Israel were the poorest, toiling under the oppression of slavery. That’s the way it had been for almost 400 years, but suddenly things began to change.

Moses heard God’s voice out of the burning bush that the time of freedom had come; Israel was leaving Egypt. God said, “When you leave you will not go empty-handed”, (Exodus 3:21). God always does exactly what He promises – Israel did not leave Egypt “empty-handed”, they experienced a supernatural wealth transfer.

•  Abraham experienced supernatural wealth transfer, (Gen 12:10–13:2).

•  Isaac received enormous increase at the worst of times, (Gen 26:1–16).

•  Jacob saw a complete turnaround in his financial situation, (Gen 31:6–9).

•  Joseph received supernatural influence in one day, (Gen 41:39–44).

•  God made Solomon the richest man on earth, (1 Kings 10:23).

Friend, guess who is next in line for supernatural wealth transfer?



Because of Jesus: “For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, that you through His poverty might become rich,” (2 Cor 8:9).

How do you connect with the grace of Jesus Christ?

Look again at Israel. Why did God bless them? Were they greater or holier than other nations? No, it was all because of God’s love. How did Israel respond? They willingly brought an offering. Every family sacrificed a lamb and within the next 24 hours they received “articles of silver, articles of gold and clothing. And the Lord had given the people favor…”

Their willing offering became the trigger for the favor God had already planned. What does this mean for us? We don’t give to cause a supernatural wealth transfer. Instead, we give because of what Jesus has already provided. Our offering demonstrates love and faith, and it opens our heart to receive from Jesus.

I was facing a huge financial challenge back in 1992. We desperately needed to put up a church building. The whole project was about $ 4 million and we were broke. On top of it, all the bankers told me this project was impossible. Our ministry was just too “high risk” for a bank loan. Pastor Lester Sumrall had become a close friend. He ministered more than fifteen times in our church and I spoke on numerous occasions at the church he pastored in South Bend, Indiana.

Our relationship really cemented in Albania. After attending our campaign, Brother Sumrall would often remind me, “Peter, I have not seen such miracles since I was with Oral Roberts in the tent meetings in the 1950’s. You need to present Jesus in America just like you do in these Festivals.”

I’m thankful for the encouragement Brother Sumrall brought into my life. One day while we were sharing a cup of tea, he turned to me:

“Peter, do you know where I could get a hold of a 1,000-seat tent?”

Brother Sumrall didn’t know that I had a large tent. In fact, it was the only asset I had. The tent was valued at $ 15,000 and I already had a buyer. You see, I planned to use the money for our building program. I instantly felt God wanted me to give the tent, but I was struggling, so I tried to change the topic.

“Brother Sumrall, can I get you some more tea?”

I can’t remember now whether he wanted more tea or not, but five minutes later Lester Sumrall re-iterated the question: “Do you know anybody who has a Gospel tent?” I was still stalling, too shook up inside to respond.

Lester Sumrall was not asking for himself, but for a missionary in Guatemala, who was going to use the tent to plant new churches. Well, before the night was over, not only did I give away the tent, but I promised to pay the shipment to Guatemala.

Eleven months later when our new building opened up, the Lord reminded me of the seed gift I had sown and the building He had provided. I had received my harvest in spite of the bankers, who said it was impossible.

God already knew we needed a church building. Yet, when I gave what I had as a seed gift, it was an act that “proved the sincerity” of my love and faith.

If we sparingly open our hand, we receive sparingly. But when we bountifully release what God has blessed us with, we reap bountifully. “He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully,” (2 Cor 9:6).

I fought against what the Lord had told me to do, but after an hour and a half of inward resistance I said, “Brother Sumrall, I have a tent and I’d like to give it. ” I was trembling, God’s presence was so strong, and as foolish as it seemed to give away the only thing I had, I knew God was in it.

I’m going to ask you to do something that can change your life, just like giving to God changed mine. Now I’m not asking you to sow $15,000, but I believe some will sow a large seed, maybe $3,000, $1,000 or more. I ask for a sacrificial seed. To some a sacrificial seed may be $75, $100, $300, $500 or $40. I don’t want to put any limit on what God may speak to you.

The key is to obey God and believe in Jesus’ provision. Obedience has always been the key. We obey God by believing in the love God has for us. Then the love and faith in our heart causes us to act.

Simply listen to the Holy Spirit, and then plant a sacrificial seed in obedience to the Lord. Then watch His miraculous power at work. As you give I will pray in agreement with you for the total provision of Jesus in your life.

In just a few days I leave for East Africa. Many have already responded to make this historic outreach possible. Thank you! Still, I need a real financial breakthrough to cover all the costs for Africa. We must have this within the next seven days.

We are now also in full preparation for another huge Gospel Festival in Pakistan. You can imagine the enormous challenge because of the open door God has given us in this nation when there is so much terrorism.

There couldn’t be a better time for your seed gift to be planted than now. Thank you for your participation today in the work of the Gospel!

Love and Blessings in Jesus,

Peter Youngren

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