Letter from Denpasar

Dear Friend,

“Our hearts are full of joy, because of your wonderful help in sharing the good news.” Phil. 1:5

I am writing this letter in Denpasar, Indonesia in the middle of an overwhelming openness to the Gospel among the people. 95% are hindus and they grab the message of Jesus and really take it to heart. One hindu priest, healed from a debilitating stroke said it best; “Jesus has healed me, but best of all He took all my sins and I have received Him.”

Thank you for caring about people, who DESPERATELY need Jesus, and are ready to receive Him.

If you knew how little financial help we receive from Christian friends, YOU WOULD BE SHOCKED. Friend, I’m grateful to you for your support, but I want you to know that people who really know missions often tell me; “Peter, I don’t know anyone who gets so much done with so little money.”

Year by year the financial challenges increase and I know the average family is well aware of the increased cost of living. The price of publishing books for new believers, stadium rentals, printing and travel is sky-rocketing. Every campaign we fine-tune and adjust to get the very best value for the money. I’m grateful to have dedicated co-workers, who are of the same mindset: TO MAXIMIZE EVERY DOLLAR FOR THE GOSPEL.

Most of all, God is our Jehovah Jireh, and He channels His provision through His people, who are willing to respond to His direction.

One friend really touched my heart. He said, “Peter, I thought your ministry was big with lots of money. I’m your friend, and I’m glad to hear you share openly because I WANT TO HELP”.

I don’t like to talk about “big ministry”. We are all partners under Him, who is BIG-JESUS CHRIST! Maybe many would call us “big” in terms of how many come to Christ; more than 14 million in the past 20 years. When it comes to finances we are quite small, especially in light of these huge expenses for Gospel Campaigns and Pastors’ Seminars.

It occurred to me that I should trust our ministry family, you our partners and friends, to talk really openly about our financial situation. I know you have a heart for missions. I know you value what God is doing through World Impact Ministries. I believe that what my friend told me about wanting to help is a window to what is also in your heart.

If I don’t speak very directly about the need how can I expect God to talk to you about standing with us in Christ’s Gospel mission to the unreached masses? It was Jesus who said; “Ask and you shall receive”.

Whenever I ask for new monthly partners, there are always a few who respond. I thank God for each one. This time I’m expecting more than ever! I believe for a MINIMUM OF 300 NEW MONTHLY WORLD IMPACT MINISTRIES PARTNERS! Then, I believe for 100 PARTNERS who will give from their BUSINESS, or even PASTORS, who will give from their church.

With an extra $45,000 per month we can continue this global Gospel ministry without interruption and take on the HARVEST OPPORTUNITIES that are before us. Bottom line; we will see ONE MILLION SOULS COME TO CHRIST EACH YEAR and more.

This harvest of one million plus is happening in the vast population regions where many have never, not even once, had a chance to hear the Gospel. Without added monthly support, our compounded influence among the unreachable could be reduced. That would be tragic for those waiting to hear the Gospel.

If 300 new partners give $50 per month, that would add $15,000. Now I know that everyone can’t do that, but some will give $25 or $30 each month, while others will make up the difference with a monthly SEED GIFT of $75 or $100.

If 100 businesses or churches would give $300 per month, that would add another $30,000. Now, some can’t do that, but they can give $100 or $150, and then there will be some businesses that can do $500 or $1,000 each month.

I speak very personally and directly. I live in an average 3-bedroom home, my car was just valued at $12,000 and I say like Paul, “I have need of nothing”. So, why am I asking for these large amounts? It’s not for me, it’s for the Gospel.

Some ask me, “Peter, are you a PROSPERITY PREACHER?” I don’t hesitate to answer; “Yes, I believe for DIVINE PROSPERITY for every partner and for myself. The Gospel is free, but it will take enormous financial resources to reach 7 billion people, especially since so many have never heard of Jesus!”

I know you hear stories about preachers who have many homes and draw extravagant salaries. Well, I don’t condemn others; that’s none of my business. However I share openly with you. My salary is modest, less than many high school teachers, about what an average pastor in a 200 member church would receive. I’m not complaining, on the contrary, I’m content; this is how I want to live. But, I am a prosperity preacher, who needs millions of dollars for the Gospel.

I can also tell you that our staff is amazing. They handle every dollar with care, knowing that we have partners who sacrifice just as much for the Gospel as we do.

One thing I can promise is that I will continue to preach the Gospel till my last breath. I started when I was sixteen, and I’m still young. This ministry, now more than 30 years on the frontlines of world evangelism, is vital for the unreached masses. The Gospel influence is enormous and it MUST CONTINUE and it MUST EXPAND in spite of increasing costs and challenges.

My request is specifically for MONTHLY PARTNERS. At the same time, I pray that you are stirred to give an immediate offering. I’ve just conducted two MEGA CAMPAIGNS in 4 weeks, and it goes without saying that we need finances now.

Pastor Dave Imler, who represents World Impact Ministries, just met up with me here in Denpasar. He has been to 5 cities in the last three weeks and all of them are waiting for us.

I have a special gift when you respond to this letter; a unique key-chain from Jerusalem. It is in the form of a hand; one side is a prayer in Hebrew and on the other is a depiction of the High Priest’s breastplate with twelve stones. I think you’ll really like it. I love when I find one of these one-of-a-kind gifts. It is small, but very special, and it gives me the opportunity to say an inexpensive and yet meaningful, “THANK YOU”!

You are my friend in the Gospel. I need to hear from you. Write and let me know you are standing with us. Make a decision to be a monthly partner in this Christ-centered ministry, and others may want to increase your monthly gift.

The chairman of the Gospel Festival here in Denpasar just told me; “Peter, you have no idea of the reputation of integrity that your ministry has here in Indonesia. You come without any personal demands, just to serve the people and to reach them with the Gospel. Thank God for you”.

Yes, it is nice to hear, but I pass that compliment on to you. Thank you for your integrity in making this Gospel ministry possible. I love you and pray for you!

Thank you for your response today! Canada needs you in order for our country to be a strong missions nation!

Your co-worker in Christ,

Peter Youngren

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