A colorful sea of umbrellas brightened the muddy field as thousands of Tanzanians sang in the heavy downpour. The rainy season had arrived early in the city of Mbeya on the southern border of Tanzania. The WIM team could not believe their eyes as they watched in amazement from under the platform, seeking shelter from the rain.

Still two hours before the festival was to start and already a steady stream of umbrellas were making their way slowly up the hill to Sokoine field. The shower lessened slightly as the music band and choir danced and sang in the drizzling rain. The people listened intently to Peter Youngren as he declared Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Their mood could not be dampened despite the rain. They cheered and shouted when 15-year-old Kasumo testified of his miracle. The boy had been paralyzed for 2 years, unable to bathe, clothe, or feed himself. His father was a pastor sitting on the platform, and was shocked to suddenly see his son walk up the ramp without assistance, completely healed! As dusk began, the atmosphere of faith only intensified as Mrs. Abraham testified of her miracle: healed of total blindness after 5 years.

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