Perhaps never before in the history of Mongolia has Jesus been given such a prominent center stage.

From the state run National TV and radio to the Buddhist funded TV station, Jesus was put before the people of Mongolia this past week during Mongolia Festival 2006 through live Festival broadcasts and interviews to the entire nation. This was the first live broadcast of this nature to the nation.

Even before the Festival began, skepticism was received from numerous leaders, both political and religious, that this event would even be possible in the current political and religious climate. It has been only 15 years since the fall of Communism, and religious freedoms are still only being realized.

Yet despite the opposition Jesus brought incredible favor and victory. Mongols would see a Jesus that is alive and actively working in their midst. The believers would receive newfound strength and awareness. Most importantly God’s unearned, unmerited love would be revealed to a nation.

Many local pastors had a difficult time believing that miracles could really happen. Having rarely seen miracles this was quite understandable. They realized that not only their reputations but also their very lives were on the line if miracles were to fail. Local organizers had been told before the Festival that if the miracles did not take place as the massive advertising campaign claimed, they would be thrown in jail for misleading the public.

The very first night of the Festival the response to Pastor Peter’s message was one of cautious optimism. Yes, many were healed, and the crowd was elated with joy, but there were still those who maintained their skepticism towards the veracity of the miracles taking place.

Yet, as Pastor Peter continued to proclaim God’s goodness and love for all people night after night, the walls of unbelief were shattered until even the most ardent skeptic was heralding the miracles as true, notable occurrences.

On the fourth night of the Festival a lady wearing dark black sunglasses was led into the stadium by her younger brother. She had lost sight in both of her eyes and desperately needed an operation to restore sight, however, finances did not allow the needed treatment. Despite circumstance, she received sight in her eyes, and testified of what Jesus had done for her. The next day the state run TV station went to her home hoping to discredit the miracle she claimed. Yet to their amazement they discovered the miracle was true. After interviewing family and neighbors alike, they could only conclude that Jesus had healed this young lady. This interview was relayed to the entire nation during prime time television the next day.

Testimony after testimony could be relayed of the miraculous healings that took place in Mongolia this past week. So many blind eyes and deaf ears were healed. A certain man, who could not walk due to liver cancer, he had been brought in a car directly from the hospital. He was now standing on the platform testifying that Jesus had healed his body.

The ensuing celebration was of national proportions. Reports were received from around the nation of God’s love and healing power touching lives. Pastors who had expressed doubt at the beginning of the week were now among the most avid supporters of the Festival. As fireworks closed the final night of the Festival in Mongolia a new reality for the church was realized.

On the final days of the Festival Pastor Peter traveled to a remote area of Mongolia. Here he is sitting in front of a Ger, a traditional home of the nomadic people of Mongolia. Along with his interpreter, Pastor Peter is able to share the Gospel with these beautiful Mongols.

Friends, we have said it on many occasions, but without your support we could not go to the nations. You are taking the Gospel to areas that have had very little Gospel exposure. You are making this great harvest of souls possible.

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