“Hakuna mtu kama Yesu! Hakuna mtu kama Yesu!” Necks craned and people shielded their eyes from the blazing sun to see who was causing this disruption in the middle of the Jesus festival.

Unbeknownst to them, a desperate mother had brought her daughter, born with brain damage and a hole in her heart, in the hope that she would be cured. Protecting her sick one-year-old child in her arms, she inched forward in the jostling crowd, eager to see what was happening in the front.

Suddenly, the child stopped breathing and stiffened in her arms. Frantically, the mother looked for help, passing the child to strangers in the crowd, then rushed to the platform and threw the limp body onto the stage screaming in Swahili, “There is no one like Jesus! There is no one like Jesus!” Overcome with emotion, she fainted and collapsed on the ground under the platform.

Five days earlier, thousands of Tanzanians of all ages and backgrounds gathered in the largest stadium in Moshi, a city nestled beneath snow-tipped Mount Kilimanjaro in East Africa. The sick and needy listened eagerly to Peter Youngren as he spoke of Jesus being their faith. He put no pressure on the sick to try to produce faith, but encouraged them to look to Jesus only.

Freedom and healing came as the people realized that if they had little or no faith, anyone could be healed by calling on Jesus, the source of faith. Physical and spiritual miracles occurred every night as the masses of Moshi relied on the faith of Jesus to receive both healing and salvation.

NINE STUDENTS BORN BLIND Among the more spectacular miracles, teenage sisters Lilian and Gertrude Amos were healed from total blindness since birth. It was a remarkable testimony, especially since the teacher who brought them from the School of the Blind gave witness to their healing.

The next night she brought the entire class and 9 more students were healed, 7 blind since birth and 2 albino children partially blind. One by one they walked up the ramps unassisted, looking around in amazement at the thousands of people they were seeing for the first time.

As they demonstrated their healing on the platform, a stunned silence hung over the people before they erupted in incredible shouts of praise to Jesus.

DISRUPTION BY A DESPERATE MOTHER Halfway through the testimony service on the final night, Peter Youngren was interrupted by Bishop Emmanuel Lazaro, the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in Tanzania for over 30 years. He was bursting with emotion, carrying a little child in his arms. Ten minutes earlier, many of the team members and other pastors on the platform had seen the mother throw her baby on the platform.

They became fearful, thinking this was not a good testimony for the media present. A dead corpse left on the platform would look bad indeed! As the other pastors prayed, Bishop Lazaro rushed into the crowd looking for the mother to persuade her to take her child away, not knowing she had fainted beneath the platform. The sweet presence of Jesus swept over the mass of people, and the child returned to life and began to breathe again, looking around with clear eyes, healed of brain damage as well. It was an amazing miracle, especially with so many eyewitnesses who had held and seen the lifeless body.

Even more wonderful, the mother received salvation that night for the first time, adding her voice to the tens of thousands of people who acknowledged Jesus as Savior during the Gospel festival.

Words cannot describe the awe and gratitude the ministry team felt toward Jesus, the Creator of all living things. Peter expressed it in words that were the closest, “Jesus is so wonderful. He makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time.”

Partners, thank you for your prayer and financial support. Gospel festivals like this one could not continue without your generosity and faith in what Jesus is doing around the world.

We appreciate you!

Peter & RoxAnne

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