Muslims Testify of Jesus Christ

Below are testimonies from Muslims, who are watching 24/7 Christian TV in the world’s largest Muslim city, Karachi, Pakistan:

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• “I was diagnosed with incurable cancer in my blood. Through your TV channel, I heard about Jesus Christ and now I’m healed. The doctor was shocked when he saw that there was no more cancer. Jesus is now my Savior.” – S.F.

• “I watched the channel alone, because my family are staunch Muslims and I was afraid that they would be angry. While watching I was healed from serious back problem and received Jesus as my Saviour. When I told my family, they did not become angry, but they too received Christ and are now baptized in water.” – M.S.

• “A few weeks back suddenly I tuned to a TV channel that looked strange in the beginning. After a while, I realized it was about Jesus. I had heard about Him, but was curious to know more. I had asked about Jesus, but my family and the Muslim religious leaders discouraged me. I feel so happy now watching the channel and learning more every day about the Lord Jesus Christ.” – M.S.

• “When I watched your TV channel, I saw Jesus, the Messiah, heal people, and now I trust that God sent Jesus. Pray for me and my family. I believe that through Jesus Christ, God will bring restoration to my family.”– M.F.

• “I am so happy since to watch your TV channel about Jesus Christ and His Gospel. Since my childhood, I have longed for someone to tell me about Christ. Thank you!” – B.B.

• “Since I along with whole family have been watching Gawahi TV, God gave me spiritual and physical healing. I was suffering from constant pain in my joints I wasn’t able to do my work properly. When I watched TV and listened about Jesus Christ, who still heals people, that gave me hope. While watching I was completely healed, and my family and I have repented from our wrongdoings. We watch the channel now all the time and receiving blessings from God.” – M.A.

• “God has done something great in my life. My doctor told me that the baby who is in my womb is not alive. I cried out to God and the baby was delivered normal. I am very thankful to Lord. Also I’m thankful to Gawahi TV team for prayers to the Lord Jesus Christ.” – R.S.

• “My husband was a nominal Christian. He never prayed or cared anything about God. Through Gawahi TV he came back to God – he is a completely changed man, totally given to God. I’m very thankful to the TV channel for spreading the Gospel.” – A.J.

• “Our home was like home for demons. We used to worship idols and while worshiping we always felt darkness at our home. Nothing good happened. One day we switched to a TV channel where we listened the worship of Jesus and His message that He loves us unconditionally. Initially it looked awkward for us, but we felt peace. We are thankful to God for Gawahi TV because this channel made my family to believe in Jesus. We turn on the TV in the morning and all of our family members watch Gawahi TV. We hear God’s word, Psalms & hymns and that brings so much blessing to our life. Christ is our Savior.” – K.D.

• “I’m very thankful to God. I was suffering from backache, but when I heard word of God on Gawahi TV that every sickness was removed in Jesus’s name, I prayed to God for my healing and He healed me.” – S.

• “I wish to state that Gawahi TV is doing a fabulous job, especially because the programs are really reaching young people here in Pakistan. Many youngsters are coming to Christ. God bless Gawahi TV.” – N.

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