My focus is 100% RESURRECTION LIFE for YOU! – Peter

There is life in the seed…sow your RESURRECTION seed today here.

On RESURRECTION SUNDAY, we will believe for your request, Click here to send your prayer request.

When I step on the Gospel Campaign platform, I am 100% focused…on Christ…and on the needs of the people. On Easter Sunday, I will be 100% focused on Christ’s resurrection life for YOU.

Easter is a celebration during which God brings life to the dead. Maybe there is deadness in a relationship, or spiritually, or in your physical body. Perhaps there is deadness in your finances, or in your family.

At the first Easter, God raised Jesus Christ out of the dark abyss into endless life. Jesus spoke of this as a seed falling into the ground to die:
“unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain” [John 12:24].

Jesus was the seed that died, in order to be raised again and bring forth much fruit. This is a law of God – there is life in the seed.

On March 27, Easter Sunday, I want to place your prayer request on our Prayer Altar. A message of resurrection life is burning in my heart. I will lay hands on your prayer needs and speak life from God over your situation.

Friend, on matter how dark the situation, no matter how dead and impossible  it seems, God brings the dead to life.

In the northern hemisphere, Easter falls in springtime. After a long winter, nature is again filled with life. In fact, the life that sprouts was there all along – the life is in the seed.

This headline caught my eyes: Extinct tree grows from ancient jar of seed. The Date Palm was common in ancient Israel. At the time of King David, it was one of Israel’s main symbols of blessing.

Then, because of the Roman armies, this once plentiful tree was completely wiped out, driven to extinction – DEAD. First-hand knowledge of the tree slipped from memory to legend. Until recently, that is.

60 years ago, archaeologists unearthed a small clay jar of seeds dating back 2000 years. After it was discovered, the seed was kept in a drawer in an Israeli university for more than 50 years. Finally, in 2005, the seed was planted to see if it would sprout.

Amazingly, the seed sprouted, producing a sapling no one had seen in centuries. Today this tree continues to grow and thrive.

No matter how long something has been dead – it can live again. Maybe it seems like forever since you were physically well, or your finances were healthy. It is never too late with God.

Judean date palm treeHere are some resurrection blessings for you:
• Jesus defeated evil, sin and death, [1 Cor 15:54-55].
• Jesus took the keys to death and hell, [Revelation 1:18].
• Because Jesus lives you have endless life.

That’s why I refuse to follow a sterilized, dead, lifeless Christianity. We have: • A living Savior.
• A living Healer.
• A future full of life and hope.

Take the enclosed response form and write your prayer request. Then enclose your best seed gift to give the gospel to millions around the world.

In a few weeks time I head to Sierra Leone, West Africa for a gigantic Gospel Campaign and Pastors’ Seminar. Then, we continue to Tanzania, East Africa for another great outreach. We are going full force for Gospel Campaigns in areas of spiritual darkness.

If ever I needed your help, it is now. Consider this:

• At Easter, God gave his best. Can you give your best – a resurrection seed for March 27th? We honor God’s greatest gift by giving our best.
• At Easter, God sacrificed for our salvation, and now we respond with a sacrificial gift.

This is the KEY – THE LIFE IS IN THE SEED. God says that finances given to the gospel is a seed, [2nd Cor 9:6]. Then God returns the seed that you sow to you, “pressed down, shaken together and running over”.


This is not about me, not even first and foremost about the gospel in Sierra Leone, in Tanzania, and in the Muslim world – it is about YOU.

Here is what will happen when you respond:
First, we will immediately pray concerning what you are believing God for. Second, I will make sure that your prayer request is on the prayer altar on Resurrection Sunday, March 27.

I take prayer for you very seriously. The prophet Samuel recorded these words:“as for me, far be it for me that I should sin against the Lord by failing to pray for you”, [1st Sam 12:23].

Yes, we will pray for you, but I also need your help.

I shared with you a month ago about the terrorist attack to our 24/7 Gospel Television channel in the world’s largest Muslim city. Thank you to everyone who has given. We just have a few more days left until we must have all the finances.

Plus we are now releasing funds for the gospel campaign coming up in Sierra Leone and Tanzania. We believe God for $300,000 by March 27.

God gave His best, so I am bold to ask you to do something special. Maybe you can give one week’s wages or one day’s wages. Others may want to give $100, $300, or whatever amount, small or large, that God puts in your heart.

The key is that everyone gives a RESURRECTION SEED offering.

Sierra Leone, Tanzania and the Muslim world are in the balance. Please don’t miss out on this. I know God will use this letter and our Resurrection Sunday to bless your life mightily.

Thank you in Jesus’ name.

Peter Youngren

Guinea w PY words

There is life in the seed…sow your RESURRECTION seed today here.

On RESURRECTION SUNDAY, we will believe for your request, Click here to send your prayer request.

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