Nagpur, India Festival

Final Report


Day 5 Report & Festival Summary

The crowd grew day by day and Sunday evening was the absolute climax. The number of attendees was so great; we are unsure whether any larger Gospel event has ever been held in the history of the city.

The day before the festival began it looked like everything was going to be cancelled by the police, leaving Peter Youngren unable to preach the Gospel freely.

At what seemed to be the last moment God turned everything around and gave us a great victory! Thousands of people have received God’s loved through Jesus Christ and made a public declaration that Jesus is Lord. Hundreds upon hundreds of people from all kinds of religious backgrounds have been healed by the power of God.

The final night Pastor Peter shared a strong message about Jesus being raised from the dead and alive today. The evidence of this is that He is healing and touching people today. A dead Jesus cannot heal. When people get healed it is evidence that Jesus indeed is alive.

When the invitation came in the end of the message to receive Jesus, the whole field was filled with lifted hands. This evening we saw all kinds of miracles. Deaf received their hearing, blind started to see, lame started walking and tumors disappeared from peoples’ bodies.

A 60 year old woman came to the festival with a bent back. She could not stand up straight but had to crawl on her arms and legs in order to go anywhere. Tonight she got healed. Her face was shining with joy as she, dancing and rejoicing, explained to everyone what Jesus had done for her.

One other miracle that stood out was the healing of a young girl. Large portions of her right ear were missing and she could not hear at all on that ear. Tonight she started hearing through that ear in spite of the missing ear parts.

One other miracle that stood out was the healing of a young girl. Large portions of her right ear were missing and she could not hear at all on that ear. Tonight she started hearing through that ear in spite of the missing ear parts.

Day 4 Report

The morning started with the final day of the pastors and leaders seminar. Pastor Peter taught about the self-righteous Pharisee and the tax collector who went to the temple to pray. He then used this story from the Bible to illustrate how Christians often think about and treat non-believers today instead of seeing them like Jesus sees them. At the end of the teaching he addressed the pastors by emphasizing the importance of “casting out Hagar” (a picture of the old covenant; Gal. 4:21-31) from our prayer life, worship, church offerings etc, so that the people of God can be set free. This freedom will make the believers effective soul-winners for Christ. Pastor Peter finished up the seminar with a prophetic word that “God has opened a door for India that no one can close”. Encouraging the pastors to go through the open doors and preach the Gospel everywhere.

That night at the festival we had by far the largest crowd so far. Pastor Peter was preaching that man was created to be loved by God and how God never stopped loving mankind, even though sin has made men to separate themselves from God.

When the invitation came to confess Jesus as Lord, the whole field was full of hands raised.

Local people reported that people all around Nagpur are talking about Jesus and miracles from the festival. The Gospel has been declared openly and with accompanied signs and wonders.

People were healed from all kinds of deceases tonight. The miracles that stood out mostly were healings from paralysis.

Some of the testimonies:

Panduran, a 48 year old man, had not been able to walk for 22 years. Tonight he started walking perfectly!

Oracy, a 6 year old girl, had been paralyzed by polio since birth. Today she started walking for the first time in her life.

Abhinav, 10 years old, had not been able to walk for 6 years. But tonight he was healed by Jesus!

Aniket, a 20 year old lady, had been deaf since birth. Tonight she started hearing for the first time.

Neha, 21, had not been able to see for the last 16 years. Now healed by Jesus.

Day 3 Report

We had a terrific night in the festival. The special focus was on Jesus as healer of the blind and many miracles occurred.

In the morning seminar for pastors and leaders Peter Youngren shared new covenant insights. One lady who attended the seminar told us afterwards that this was the best seminar she had ever been to. God is touching lives in Nagpur!

In the middle of the seminar security people suddenly started to position themselves around the stage from where Pastor Peter was preaching. According to police there were people present in the meeting planning to throw something at Pastor Peter to hurt him. Thank God no incident like this occurred.

The police also informed us that the same groups, who earlier had tried to stop the festival in various ways, were going to send people to the field to pretend to be healed in order to disturb the meeting during testimony time. Thank God this did not happen either.

In the festival Pastor Peter shared several scripture verses about God healing people from both physical and mental blindness. Today we did not only hear a nice sermon with wise words. We also saw a demonstration of God’s healing power as 26 people came up on stage and testified about healing from either partial or total blindness. Hallelujah!

When the invitation came to make a declaration that Jesus is Lord the whole field was filled with hands raised.

The most memorable miracle was probably the healing of Sushil, a 9 year old boy, totally blind from birth. Together with his mother he came up on stage to testify about his healing.

Bharty, 60 year old woman, had a tumor in her left breast for 7 years. It completely disappeared.

Anna, a 70 old man got healed from cancer in his stomach. His son, a very well known and respected politician within the BJP party, joined his father on stage to verify the healing. What makes this very special is that the groups who were hostile towards the festival are closely connected to BJP. How miraculous that the father of one of their top politicians was healed!

Day 2 Report

On the second night of the festival, the crowd nearly doubled! The High Court of Nagpur had dismissed a request for an injunction to stop the event the first night. The local press reported positively from Day 1 with headlines like “Dr. Youngren mesmerizes masses in Nagpur” and “Massive turnout for Peter Youngren event”.

The day started with the seminar for pastors and leaders, this time with Peter Youngren as the only speaker. The main focus of the teaching was on 2 Cor. 3:6 which says that we have been made sufficient by God to be ministers of the new covenant. As believers living after the cross we have our identity in Christ and He himself is our sufficiency. This means that we do not have to ask for a double portion of anyone’s anointing, as Elisha did when Elijah were about to die. If we have Christ we have everything we will ever need. Our lives are “hidden with Christ in God” and “in Him we are complete”. Jesus himself is the double, triple and tenfold anointing!  We have been blessed with “every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus” (Eph. 1:3). Therefore it is wrong for us to ask God to bless us. Instead we should thank God that we are already blessed.

The police had forbidden us to distribute follow up-materials. But that did not stop Pastor Peter from preaching an uncompromised and Jesus-centered message. The sermon ended with an invitation for everyone to confess Jesus Christ as Lord. People responded all around the field.

Here are some of the most memorable healing testimonies:

Renucka, 35, got a multiple touch from God as she testified that Jesus had healed her from cancer, back pain, and dumbness at the same time. Hallelujah!

Sarita, 15, had been deaf in right ear since birth, but now she could hear clearly.

Raju, 42, had suffered from bad eyesight for the last 10 years. Now healed thanks to Jesus.

Day 1 Report

The day before the first night of festival we did not know if we would be allowed to hold the festival. In the afternoon of Day 1 we learned that the same groups that had tried to stop us had filed a court injunction in order to stop the event. It was dismissed and we were allowed to go on with the event.

That night, Pastor Peter preached a Jesus-centered message about how everything is possible for God. No matter what our circumstances are, God is able to change any situation. At the end of his sermon Pastor Peter invited those who wanted to receive God’s love through Jesus Christ to join him in prayer. Many people responded.

After that Pastor Peter started praying for the sick. Tonight he prayed especially for the deaf, but we saw people healed from all kinds of deceases.

Shahid, a 5 year old boy, had never spoken before in his life. But today he started speaking for the first time. His father had brought him to the meeting and verified his healing.

Patru, a 60 years old man, came to the meeting with a cancer tumor in his mouth since 4 months back. Now the tumor was gone.

Babita, 29, had been deaf since birth. Today she started hearing for the first time in her life.

We give glory to Jesus for the people who got touched by His love in Nagpur!

Before the Festival

All festival preparations were going according to plan until two days before the festival was scheduled to start. On Monday afternoon the local committee of pastors was called to the police headquarters because of complaints from various political groups who were trying to stop the event. They said they would send activists to the field to disturb the meetings. These groups claimed that Peter Youngren would perform mass-conversion. They also accused Pastor Peter of coming to India on a tourist visa and therefore did not have permission to speak at the festival. Pastor Peter came to India on a conference visa, so that argument was easy to overcome. Unfortunately because of heavy political pressure the local police tried to find ways to limit what Pastor Peter could say and not say when preaching.

Not until 4 pm on Tuesday, after 24 hours of negotiations, did we know whether we could go on with the festival. The final ruling by the police was that we were allowed to go on with the meetings, but we would not be allowed to distribute any follow-up materials to those who received Jesus. The secret police decided that every word said in the festival and seminar was to be recorded and submitted to them after each meeting, so that they could monitor everything Pastor Peter had said.

Only one hour later, Pastor Peter held a press conference. The room was crowded with journalists because of the controversy which had been reported in the local press.

Later in the evening Peter Youngren hosted a VIP dinner for political and religious leaders. Pastor Peter had a good time mingling with Buddhist and Muslim leaders who welcomed his friendship approach.

One good thing that came out of this controversy was that we received rigorous police protection in the festival field, and in the hotel where Peter Youngren was staying. What was meant for bad God turned into something good.

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