Nairobi: A truckload of flour

March 18, 2009

I’m in my room now recuperating from the morning sessions and getting ready for the evening at our Pastors’ Gospel Revolution Seminar in Nairobi. We have delegates from every district in Kenya, as well as Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. Scott McIntyre from Celebration Bible College and Mary Felde from Oslo Christian Center are sharing in the teaching with me. When I say “recuperating” I don’t want you to think I’m sick. I inherited open pores genetically from my mom and grandfather, which means I perspire very easily; it really “pores” from me. When I preach in hot climates I get myself near dehydration after every session. So to recuperate is to fill up on H2O and get my electrolytes back; we have a lot do yet today.

On the opening day of any seminar the focus is on helping the pastors discover the New Covenant of God’s grace and who Jesus is in them. So many have tried every revival and breakthrough technique, and are discouraged. When we reveal Jesus in His fullness they experience great freedom. I don’t even talk about reaching their nation for Christ until I see the pastors really enjoying Jesus on a personal level. I’m sure it works the same way for you. We have to first taste and see how good Jesus is.

Every Gospel outreach is full of surprises and today has been no exception. When we landed, the local newspapers were filled with reports of a disastrous famine in the northeastern part of the country. I took the initiative of purchasing several tons of flour in 2 kilo bags, filling a whole truck and sending it to those worst hit. This was completely outside our budget, but I felt we were to do this. Well the media heard of it and met me at the conference center before I started to teach. Then, while I was teaching, a delegation arrived from the members of parliament representing the famine area. They wanted to thank World Impact Ministries for our help, so here we had another press-conference with a lot of media present. I’m sure our loaded-down truck with food will be in every newspaper tomorrow, together with the message about the cross of Jesus, which I gave to the media. I take every opportunity to share God’s love through Jesus (Thanks partners!).

One of the journalists asked me if I could help the country with the problem of tribalism, which has led to Christians killing other Christians of a different tribe. I explained how the cross of Jesus tore down every wall of separation between people groups. Of course for the cross to take its effect we have to preach it, and that is what we are stirring the pastors to do.

Megen Thurber, our tv producer, just sent me a message, while I have been writing this blog. A muslim priest was in the seminar this morning and got saved. He is now telling the pastors, “I want to preach Jesus like I heard so beautiful today”. Megen said she interviewed him and it’s really fantastic. Well, I will find out more. It’s just mid-afternoon in Nairobi, and a lot can happen yet today. Thanks for your prayers and support.  -Peter

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