No One Expected This

Islam for a 1000 years

When I blogged two days ago I left you at the conclusion of the second evening service. As you recall we started with a very small attendance, 2-3000 only. The muslim authorities had spread the word that our Campaign was cancelled, and the leaders of the mosque had warned their people not to attend. By the second service the attendance had tripled. In each service, virtually 100% wanted to receive the new birth, provided by Jesus’ death and resurrection. The turning point that saved our Gospel Festival occurred one hour before the first service when I met with 31 imams, Islamic scholars and politicians. The agreed to the Festival, and we agreed to not have service on Friday, the muslim day or worship. It was felt our Gospel Campaign would disrupt and distract the meetings in the mosque.

By now we are in the fifth day, and the area is being shaken. Islam has been here for 1000 years, and no Gospel outreach like this has ever been held in the Ikara region. The attendance has multiplied several times again, and many outstanding healings are happening. No one, not the politicians, or the few Christians, expected a response like this. When I lead in the prayer of repentance and faith in Christ it sounds like a mighty thunder of many thousands of voices. I can’t wait for our meeting tonight.

Two days ago I visited some local villages. The people live in mud huts with grass roof. Even in the town most houses are built with mud, but they have metal roofs. The villagers received us warmly, and I think you will enjoy the documentary I produced there(to be shown in January). The people, especially in the villages, practice a form of Islam mixed with spirit and ancestral worship.

Africa has large cities, but the majority still live in small villages. That’s why our Pastors Seminars are so important, as we mobilize believers to reach everyone. Thanks for your participation in prayer and giving.

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