Out of Control

The last night in our Gospel Festival in Kupang was one of those services, where anything could happen. Just when I told the singers to sing another chorus, the song was interrupted by spontaneous applause; somewhere in the crowd another person had been healed. Just when we were about to lift our prayers about a certain prayer request, then I saw a wheelchair and some crutches were lifted in the air, as somebody else was receiving healing. The crowd was roaring praise to Jesus. Every one of our meetings in Kupang ended with a parade of testimonies, but this last night it seemed everything happened; tumors, paralysis, blindness, deafness, cancers, arthritis, were gone.

So many people had received Jesus as their Savior during the preceding nights that the follow-up began even before the service started. We didn’t have an adequate number of counselors, and so to make sure that everybody had received their copy of my book “Salvation – God’s Gift to You”, we were checking with people as they entered the field. Tens of thousands were rejoicing in their new life with Christ.

Our television crew led by Kyle Sweitzer has been working and investigating some of the miracle stories. Early in the morning they went to the harbor to say goodbye to a boy, who had been healed from 5 years of blindness. His older brother had brought him on a ferry form an island 2.5 hours away, and now they headed home to tell the story about what Christ has done. When I say “out of control”, I really mean that in God’s control. It happens when faith becomes tangible, almost as if you could touch it. It’s not the preacher’s prayers or words that are directing how the service is going. The people have caught a glimpse of the greatness of Jesus, faith has risen in their hearts, and now they take from God that which Christ has already provided.

It’s the same for you and I. Maybe you are sitting by your computer reading this blog, or receiving it on your phone. Everything God is and has, has already been provided through Jesus. All the promises of God are in Him. That’s it! Everything is in Jesus, and our job is simply to look to Him. That’s the key to our success. We are just helping people to discover Jesus! I will send you another blog from Indonesia, because though the Gospel Festival is over, there are two more very exciting days to come. – Peter

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