Palangkaraya, Indonesia

Sept 15, 2011 – Day 2

God’s love manifested in a very tangible way in today’s seminar. Pastors wept, not sorrowfully, just overcome by God’s love. Indonesia’s government radio is broadcasting my sermon live from the stadium every night. Favor only God can provide! Tonight the announcement echoed with clarity: Kalimantan, your sins are forgiven you. Jesus took care of that 2000 years ago. There were 40 minutes of non-stop healing testimonies: stroke, paralysis healed, large tumor vanished, etc. After the service I dressed in local headgear.

Sept. 16, 2011 – Day 3

Thunder, lightning, heavy rain; nothing stop the people in receiving from Jesus Chist tonight. They would not be denied. Such faith! Such expectancy! “The blind can see” was my theme; physical blindness vanished, and thousands received spiritual sight, looking only unto Jesus.

Night three of the Palangkaraya Friendship Festival began with rain. The crowd took shelter but remained on the premises. By the time Pastor Peter got up to preach the rain had stopped and the crowd ran back on to the field.

From that point on the crowd was enthused and eager to hear the Gospel.

Peter delivered another simple message to the people illuminating the Lord’s love for them. He preached on gospel mathematics: Jesus + anything = 0. Jesus + nothing = everything.

The people received this word full heartily. Not even the rain could hold back the work of the Lord. Thousands of hands were raised during the salvation call and numerous healings took place.

Tonight was a special night for healing of the blind. People came running from the crowd and on to the stage to testify!

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support. We will continue to see the Lord’s work being done in Palangkaraya.

Susan Hoover

Sept. 17, 2011 – Day 4

JC was revealed Saturday in Palangkaraya as people repented of ‘dead works’ to receive the forgiveness of sins. Then 1 hour of big healings.

Night four of the Palangkaraya Friendship Festival has come and gone and we saw our biggest crowd yet at the festival grounds. The night also held a number of miracles as God continued to show His love to the people of Palangkaraya.There were many blind, deaf and lame healed!

Once again Peter preached a simple message which the people; Muslims and Christians a like listened to and received with open arms. He preached on God’s limitless faith. On how we can never have enough faith to witness a miracle in our lives; but when we have Christ’s faith working in us anything is possible.

World Impact Ministries appreciates all those who have been praying and supporting us as we bring the Gospel of Christ’s finished work around the world.

Susan Hoover

Sept. 18, 2011 – Day 5

Thunder, lightning, rain started at 2.30 and by service time the stadium was drenched. Still a wave of repentance as 1000’s race new life in Jesus Christ

It is the fifth and final day of the Friendship Festival in Palangkaraya.

A huge thunder and rain storm rocked the city in the afternoon but by the time the festival started it had slowed to a drizzle and although this may have deterred some the crowd on the field didn’t even seem to notice as they jumped with joy while praising God. The excitement on the final night was so great and nothing would stop these people from experiencing it!

Pastor Peter shared a powerful message that Jesus is alive! He even used examples of testimonies earlier in the week. Such as the woman who had been healed of cancer (with a tumor the size of a baby’s head disappearing). “Can a dead man do that?” he asked the crowd. “No! Only a living Jesus!!”

The people listened intently. Many had testified through the week they had never heard preaching like this before. And they were still hungry to hear it again.

The miracles took place without a prayer. Peter just commanded each sickness to leave. And soon testimonies flooded the stage. Those who had “impossible” reports from the doctors experienced their healing was possible because of Jesus!

The crowd exploded with joy, jumping and shouting not wanting to go home.

Thank you for your support and prayers that made it possible to fill Palangkaraya with the joy that comes from the Gospel of Jesus!

Susan Hoover

Thank you Palangkaraya. We have seen the grace of Jesus do miracles for Muslims & Christians. His grace is available to you today & always.

Peter Youngren

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