Passion: the SECRET to your Increase!

Passion is crucial to our success and well-being. It is the fuel that keeps us going. The word “passion” doesn’t appear in the Bible, but “zeal” does, and those two words really mean the same thing.

Look at this statement: “The zeal of the Lord… shall do it”, (Isaiah 37:32).

Did you see that? Zeal gets the job done. You could say; “no passion – no achievement”. Why did Jesus accomplish so much? JESUS WAS PASSIONATE! He said, “zeal for Your house has eaten Me”, (John 2:17). Jesus was consumed with passion, and...

... we are born for passion. Have you noticed little children? A new toy or a new friend; kids are so easily upset or excited. Teenagers are passionate, plastering their walls with posters of rock stars, sports celebrities and movie stars. Children and young people show their passion in so many ways; clothes, shoes, haircuts.

Adults are passionate, too. Have you been to a memorabilia auction for Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley or Princes Di. I haven’t, but I heard they are pretty wild events. People go crazy over their favorite celebrity. Look at the recent Michael Jackson funeral. Yes, we are all born to be passionate.

Without passion, success will be short-lived, but with a continual passion we will be energized to go from increase to increase.

The SOURCE OF PASSION is JESUS HIMSELF. “We love because He first loved us” (1 John 4:19). Love and passion are related. Once God’s love is in us, that love wants to express itself in passionate ways––sharing, giving, communicating. God’s love makes us lovers. It is inevitable. Wounded people wound others, while those who know that God loves them, spread love to others.


Some may think that passion is a mere emotion. In reality, passion is a force inside of us, and without it we will not accomplish God’s purpose.

The youngest of Jesus’ disciples, John, showed passion:

At the Last Supper. It was important to John to sit next to Jesus. I can see him pushing the other disciples out of the way so that he could lean his head on Jesus’ chest, (John 13:23-25).

At the cross. John stood close, right beside Mary, while rest of the disciples were far away, (John 19:26-27).

At the resurrection. John’s passion took the upper hand; he didn’t even wait for Simon Peter, as he ran to see if Jesus was really risen, (John 20:2-5).

On the island of Patmos. John fell at Jesus’ feet. (Rev. 1:9-18).

Passion for Jesus is expressed as we journey from nation to nation. We are carriers of the Gospel of Jesus, deeply indebted to those, who do not know it yet.

Passion is expressed by every partner, who gives an offering, saying “YES” to the salvation of souls.

Passion from God has taken us into “forbidden areas.”

1.4 billion people live behind the IRON GATES OF ISLAM. Very few preachers gain access to this forbidden world. In the last seven years I have seen incredible open doors with Muslims coming to Jesus.

The next two months we are conducting 3 great Gospel Campaigns in Muslim areas, one in Indonesia and two in Pakistan.

We have a four-pronged approach:

1) Gospel Campaigns that reach hundreds of thousands.

2) Pastors’ Seminars that mobilize Gospel proclaimers.

3) Literature and media. Recently, a Muslim television network transmitted our final service in Pakistan for free to the entire nation. A million dollars could not buy such favor. This is God’s hand on our ministry.

4) Outreach to political and religious leaders. We present Christ to influencers; Muslim clerics, political leaders, members of parliaments, legislators, governors and ambassadors.

Our purpose is to make the greatest impact on the nations. Religion has left people tired and exhausted and they are ready to be refocused on Jesus Christ. We do this job TOGETHER; your ministry is being extended through World Impact Ministries. You are changing nations, one person at the time.

Run with us through the doors of opportunity. Look at your world map! Nations are in crisis. Unrest, fear, distrust and financial crisis are everywhere, but in the midst of turmoil, we have been entrusted with a message of hope and peace through Jesus.

Jesus changed my life, and I believe He changed yours also. The only people who are passionate to give the Gospel to others are those who have been impacted by Jesus. Jesus has touched us, and we want to share Him with others.

To respond to these upcoming campaigns, please do the following:

1) TELL ME YOUR MOST URGENT PRAYER NEED, so that our Grace Prayer Center can be activated to believe with you. John told the church in Ephesus to get back to their “first love,” their first passion. Miracles, healings, provisions and restoration happen in an atmosphere charged with PASSION FOR JESUS.

2) PLANT YOUR SPECIAL FINANCIAL SEED GIFT. Do it for Jesus and for SOULS. A total of seven Gospel outreaches are on our schedule now––in India, Cambodia, Pakistan, Indonesia and northern Nigeria.

3) CHOOSE YOUR MINISTRY GIFT. It will become a powerful seed of encouragement and faith in your life.

Also consider becoming a monthly VIP partner. Use the response form to indicate your monthly PARTICIPATION FOR SOULS. We are in a joint venture, partners in the Gospel.

Thank you for taking action. Your life will be ENERGIZED, EMPOWERED; you will find a NEW PASSION. More will happen in your family, your business, in your spiritual growth! Thank you for responding with a PASSIONATE SEED GIFT offering.

Your friend in Christ,

Peter Youngren

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