Personal Story from Peter Youngren

Dear Friend,

I want to share a very personal story with you, one that I’ve never shared before. God taught me something powerful, and when I sat down to write to you today, it all came back to me. I know the Lord wants me to share it with you.

This is your time to discover God’s awesome provision.

But first a few words about India. The Gospel campaign in Nagpur India begins in 10 days. Our team has already been on location for several weeks. Publicity is in full swing… radio, television, huge billboards, newspaper, posters, and handbills. We are preparing for a mega harvest of 200,000 souls to come to Christ.

“THANK YOU” to everyone, who has already given. Half of the finances that we need are in hand. During the next 10 days we must have an additional $74,000. Can you participate? Thank you in advance!

One of the universal laws that God has given is the law of sowing and reaping. The apostle Paul wrote “whatever a person sows, that shall he also reap” [Gal 6:7].

God made this law known from the beginning; “as long as the earth remains, seed time and harvest… shall never cease” [Gen 8:22].

The law of sowing and reaping, to give and to receive, is one of the fundamental principles of the Bible. That’s how God saves us;

God so loved… that He gave [John 3:16].

• There is no love without giving.

• The one who gives will receive.

• There is no harvest without first sowing.

The story is told about an old farmer who had a pessimistic view on finances and just about everything else in life. He spent a lot of time in a coffee shop complaining about the “hard times”. Someone from another area came by and when he heard the man was a farmer he asked;

“How’s the wheat harvest this year?”

“There will be no wheat harvest”, the farmer answered.

“Did you sow anything?” the stranger queried.

“No”, the farmer answered, “they said it would be a very cold summer.”

“How’s the potato harvest?” the stranger continued.

“I won’t have a potato harvest. I was afraid that we wouldn’t get enough rain.”

I think you know how the story ends….... the one who refuses to plant a seed can never expect to reap.

Now to the personal story I promised you in the beginning of this letter. It is about something very precious that the Lord taught me.

A few years ago we had, as we keep doing again and again, gone all out for evangelization. We had taken on more than we were able to handle. Often we have to invest many months in advance, because it takes a long time to negotiate with governments and sports stadiums. We print large volumes of books for new believers and we have to negotiate printing contracts well in advance.

At that particular time we had several Gospel campaigns and other evangelism projects on the go over a short time period. We had invested all the money we had, and you could really say that we were walking by faith. In the natural, we had enormous financial needs.

Often when you find yourself in a situation like this, the enemy of your soul comes with his condemning accusations. “Where’s your faith now? You say that the mission of World Impact Ministries, salvation of lost souls, is the closest thing to the heart of God. You talk about reaching people with the Gospel, but where are your partners and supporters? Where is your God now?”

Well, all those condemnations were coming at me. I think I even felt a little sorry for myself. I closed myself in my office to pray that God would speak to people to send finances. In the middle of my prayer I heard a voice inside of me, “Send $10,000 to ____________”, and then there was a name of a preacher.

Now this particular preacher, who the Lord asked me to send the $10,000 to, was someone that I appreciated. In fact, when I started in ministry I had drawn much from him. And now God asked me to send $10,000 to this preacher…....but why? I was the one in need. It seemed this was the wrong time.

The $10,000 looked impossible. I didn’t have the money personally, and our ministry didn’t have the money. In fact we were on the minus side. When I look back, I realize that the Lord wasn’t just speaking to me about the other preacher and the good work he was doing. God wanted me to see a spiritual principle.

While I cried out to God for help, God told me the opposite of what I may have expected – God told me to give.

Since I didn’t have the money and still I felt I wanted to obey God I borrowed a little here and a little there. I had a credit card and I took the money that I could from the card. Please understand that I’m not suggesting that anyone should do what I did. Absolutely not! If someone asked my advice I would say, “Don’t borrow money to give, but give from what you have in your hand”.

But this is my personal testimony, so I have to tell it like it happened. The word from the Lord was so direct that I wanted to do everything that I could to obey. After some days and several loans [which I paid back later] I had collected enough money and I sent $10,000 to the preacher.

Not long after this, God spoke to a man, whom I had never met. He called me out of the blue and from that moment, until he went home to be with the Lord, he supported every one of our Gospel campaigns with about 25-30% of the total cost.

God had once again shown me who He is:

• God is no man’s debtor.

• God sees to it that the one who sows will also reap.

The whole ministry of World Impact Ministries is about sowing and giving. We give to pastors in the third world. We print books for pastors and give them away for free. We give follow up material to millions who respond to receive Christ.

When you give, your gift is not only received by this ministry, but then it is seeded again for souls.

I believe God is touching your heart today. I say “thank you” in advance that you are participating in a huge harvest of people that will be saved in Nagpur India. We only have about 10 days after you receive this letter, and I need the biggest response ever.

Please send the best gift you can. Or call to make your gift at 1.877.974.7223.

Once you have released your gift, expect your harvest and your blessing from God.

Thank you in Jesus’ name,

Peter Youngren

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