Peter has a Message from Haiti!

This message was sent from Haiti, and is forwarded to you, from the offices of World Impact Ministries. Thank you for your time and attention.

Dear Friend,

I am rushing this message to you while I am still in Haiti. This is so urgent – it can’t wait until I return home. I must ask for your help to print 1,000,000 books for new believers. Thank you in advance for your gracious response.

Even as I’m here rejoicing in the awesome way God is touching this nation, my heart is also reaching to our next campaigns in Pakistan, Africa and India…that we may be able to handle the harvest of souls in those places also.

There are so many heart-wrenching stories here in Haiti. Some of them involve newborn babies abandoned because there was no one to care for them at birth. It made me think of those who are newborns in the body of Christ. We never want to abandon a spiritual baby, because “Newborn babes desire the pure milk of the Word that they may grow thereby” (1 Peter 2:2).

In our Gospel Festivals, hundreds of thousands of precious souls “taste that the Lord is gracious” (vs 3), and then they immediately desire fresh spiritual milk. That’s why I’ve decided that after they’ve prayed the prayer of salvation, I want to put something in their hand - spiritual milk- that they “may grow thereby”.

I asked our staff to enclose a copy of “Salvation, God’s Gift to You”. This is the book that I give to every new believer. It is translated in more than 40 languages, from Chinese, Urdu and Tamil, to French and Spanish. There are 52 scripture references, all for the purpose of helping the new believer to take the first few steps in their newfound life.

Just as it isn’t right to abandon a newborn baby, it wouldn’t be right to send new believers home from the Gospel Festival without any spiritual milk for the journey.

For years I’ve heard people talk about revival. Yes what God did in history is awesome, like the revival in Wales when 100,000 came to Christ. Yet what we see today is beyond revival; this is the end time harvest. We have seen more than fifteen million precious souls respond to the Good News.

Each “Salvation book” costs 20 cents; this includes printing, preparation, translation to the local language and shipping to the Gospel Festival sites. Often these books will be passed from one person to another; sometimes as many as twenty or thirty new believers will study one book.

Natural milk always has an expiration date, but not ‘the milk of the Word’; it will keep producing life for new believers.

Can you provide 300 new believers with their follow-up book. Your gift of $60 will do just that. Some can become monthly partners and sow a seed of $60 every month. Others can give $80, $120 or $240. I see with the eye of faith that there are some who will want to sponsor 3,000 or even 30,000 books for new believers.

Whatever you do please do not put this note aside; out of sight out of mind.

Thank you in Jesus’ name.

Peter Youngren

P.S. As I send this, the Gospel Fesitval has just begun here in Haiti. Faith came into the hearts as thousands prayed to receive Christ, and then healings manifested all over the ground, all at the same time. Now I know that faith will come in your heart also to participate in printing 1,000,000 salvation books for new believers. THANK YOU!

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