Port au Prince, Haiti Festival

Day 5 Report


The Haiti Friendship Festival has come to a close & we had our biggest crowd tonight! Peter Youngren preached a simple message about the cross and the resurrection. Many responded to the alter call by leaving their place in the field to come and stand in front of the stage as a sign that they wanted to receive Jesus.

Wonderful healings took place this evening. Several people testified about tumors disappearing, many others received healing in their feet or legs, and we also saw several people healed from total or partial deafness. One man, who had been tormented by evil spirits for 5 years after having practiced voodoo, came and told us that he had been healed at the beginning of the festival. He explained that demons used to torment him during the night and made it almost impossible for him to sleep, but now he was set free by Jesus and tormented no more!

The crowd in Haiti loved to hear all the healing testimonies, and by the time the program had ended - the entire field was full of people dancing as they erupted with joy over what Jesus had done! We give all glory to Jesus for what He has accomplished in Haiti during this week.

Thank you partners… we were able to do this together!

Day 4 Report


Pastors testified the New Covenant revelation of Jesus has reshaped the way they will represent God to their church and the world! The Gospel Revolution has come to Haiti!

Heavy rain did not stop thousands who attended Night 4 of the Friendship Festival. Peter Youngren spoke with authority to those sick in their body: “you need not seek healing… seek the Healer – Jesus!”  Great miracles occurred across the acres of people!

The story of Giselle stood out. A 37 year old woman. Mentally unstable. For 18 years she lived on the streets, deemed ‘crazy’. She came to the Festival Night 2 and was set free from the bondage of insanity! Tonight she testified on stage how Jesus had saved and healed her. Hallelujah!

Day 3 Report


The third day of the Haiti Gospel Festival was again a day of Gospel advancement, but not without challenge.

The rain poured down just as the festival program was to start. However, the people still came in large numbers. God confirmed His word by wonders and miracles.

Pastor Peter preached a message about Jesus as our Healer who carried our sicknesses on the cross 2,000 years ago. People testified on stage how God healed them. Two ladies testified about healing from blindness. Another lady came to the field with intense pain in her whole body, but now she was healed! A man who was unable to move his right arm came up on stage and showed how he now could raise his arms without any problems. These are just a few!

The second day of the seminar was as good if not better than day one! Revelation grew in the hearts of the pastors and leaders! Numerous pastors met with Pastor Peter’s media team and testified they used to preach a legalistic message of condemnation but now instead to preach the good news - the true Gospel. The Gospel Revolution has reached Haiti in a big way!

Day 2 Report


The day started off with the first session of the pastors’ seminar in the morning. Peter Youngren shared the teaching with Mike Walker, from the USA, and Mary Felde, of Norway. This was indeed a Gospel Revolution seminar! Many of the pastors were laughing with joy when they heard about the covenant truths that are changing lives all around the world. One prominent pastor told us that he gathered all his leaders after this first seminar and asked for forgiveness because of his legalistic teaching. Hallelujah! God is changing hearts and minds among these pastors who will bring this revelation to the people of Haiti.

At the Friendship Festival that night, we saw many great healings. A man who had been deaf for three years in both ears was completely healed by Jesus. A lady with a large growth on her back came up on stage and testified that the growth had suddenly disappeared. She was dancing on the stage, full of gratefulness to what God had done. One woman, who wasn’t able to walk, had heard about the festival through our TV commercial. She desperately wanted to come the first night, but had no one to help her get there. Thankfully, last night someone carried her to the festival grounds and when she heard the message of God’s love for all people, she was miraculously healed and was able to walk home!

We give glory to God for what has happened so far and are looking forward to Jesus healing many more in the coming nights.

Day 1 Report


Pastor Peter preached a Jesus-centered message about God’s goodness and love for all people without discrimination. The same Jesus that healed people 2,000 years ago also heals today. The crowd erupted many times with shouts of joy at the revelation of God’s love! Thousands of hands were raised as the people in the crowd were invited to receive Jesus into their hearts.

Wonderful testimonies of healing began to flood the stage as they were asked to come forward to testify of healing in their bodies. An explosion of shouts took place when crutches and walkers were raised in the crowd, a sign of paralysis gone! Many testified of God opening their ears from deafness. This is only the beginning; we anticipate even greater signs and wonders in the days to come.

The meeting was attended by the city’s vice mayor, who is a voodoo priest.

Tomorrow morning the pastors’ seminar will begin. Peter Youngren will be teaching along with Mary Felde, Norway, and Mike Walker, USA. Pastors from many different parts of Haiti are expected to attend.

Thank you for your partnership and prayers. Together we are making a difference for the people of Haiti!

The Day Before the Festival


The event has been advertised through TV, radio, posters, banners, billboards and over 150,000 flyers. Pastor Peter and Taina landed in Port au Prince on Monday, and a press conference was held upon arrival. Present were several key journalist from different news agencies including Television Nationale, the nation’s main state-owned TV channel. After a long 3 hour drive Peter and Taina plus the rest of the World Impact Ministries team arrived safely at the hotel in Carrefour, a city within the larger Port au Prince area, with an estimated population of around 1 million people. On Tuesday evening a Friendship dinner for political and religious leaders was held. Among the dignitaries present was the mayor of Carrefour and his vice mayor, a voodoo priest.

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