Questions and Answers

Why is my will so important?

Your will is your witness, your testimony to the things you believe in. Without a will, money that could have been used in spreading the Gospel is lost in legal fees or court costs, taxes and other expenses. Sometimes believers who have been faithful in their tithes and offerings fail to make a will, resulting in confusion, waste of their estate and bitter feelings among their heirs. This can all be avoided by proper planning.

Can I give now or only in my will?

You can give at any time and receive the appropriate tax benefits.

Do I need legal assistance in preparing my will?

Yes, we recommend legal assistance. If you do not presently have a will drafted we can recommend qualified legal representatives. If you already have a will we recommend you return to the legal advisor to make any changes associated with the Endowment.

What tax benefits exist for giving to the Gospel Heritage Endowment?

There are great tax benefits, however, they vary in each situation. The benefits you receive depend on the type of gift you give, the size of the gift and your current income or net worth. These questions will all be answered by our Ministry Representative or a qualified legal representative.

How do I facilitate my support of the Gospel Heritage Endowment?

There are many avenues where one can give to the Endowment. Some are mentioned within the brochure. Other options do exist, which our Ministry Representative will discuss with you in a personal meeting.

You can choose to give while alive or in your will. The nature of your gift during those two time periods varies greatly upon your personal desire and capability.

Who decides where the annual monetary award is given to?

A Board of Directors had been put in place to represent the Endowment. After careful consideration the Directors will conduct an annual vote deciding to whom the monetary award will be given.

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