Remarkable Night 1 in Pakistan


It was clear from the first service that God loves without discrimination. Immediately the platform filled with people eager to testify. A Muslim lady, her face covered by a black chadar, radiantly described how Jesus had healed her daughter who had been deaf for the past 10 years. Another dozen cases of deafness were healed. The night finished with a boy blind since early childhood, demonstrating how he could see everything. The crowd roared and praised God. More importantly thousands, mostly Muslims, eagerly responded to the salvation call.

I told the people I had come to be a witness in four areas. First, I want give my witness to the reality of Jesus Christ. Secondly to God’s love remitting our sins. Thirdly to the power in the name of Jesus, and fourthly to that fact that Jesus does today what He did 2000 years ago.

Yes Hyderabad, Pakistan’s sixth largest city is buzzing. Muslims are calling our Campaign office non-stop giving thanks for what is happening. The only ones nervous are the police, who erected sniper towers near our grounds to give careful surveillance in case of any troublemakers. So far, there has been no sign of anyone wanting to cause trouble. Tomorrow morning, we begin the Pastors’ seminar, with just over 1100 registered delegates from 26 cities across Pakistan. Thank you partners. The Gospel is the power of God!

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