Report from Borneo, Indonesia

Dear Friend,

Our partnership is working! History is being made! We have just concluded a Gospel Festival in Sinkawang, a predominantly Buddhist city in Indonesia. Thousands received Jesus. Please rejoice and look at some of the photos. Without your participation, it wouldn’t have happened.

Friend, as you read this I’m back in a large city in Borneo, Indonesia. Our team has been on location for several weeks. This Gospel Festival is a huge step of faith. With back to back campaigns like this, we really need to believe God. I’m grateful to partners who obey the prompting of God’s Spirit.

While we are away in Indonesia, I pray for God to speak to people across our nation. Specifically, I’m asking the Lord for at least 15 believers from your area to respond in the next five days. Will you be one of them? Like Paul, I say, “Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that abounds to your account”.

After Indonesia, my co-worker Pastor David Imler, will head to India, Cambodia, and three other cities across Indonesia to lay the groundwork for more Gospel Campaigns.

This involves a lot more than meets the eye. We rent stadiums, print books for new believers, use television, radio and all means possible to reach people. Then there are a hundred other expenses, from loudspeakers to building a platform, and posters and handbills.

Yet, it’s not really about any of these things. It is about Jesus and His Gospel. It’s about souls, because Jesus said, “What shall it profit a person if he gains the whole world, but lose his own soul”.

Thank you for making this urgent request a matter of very serious prayer. I pray that people in your area, and in cities all over the country, will respond this week.

You’ll notice the caption, “Seven Billion Souls; ONE at a Time”. It always comes down to the ONE PERSON. When I look at a sea of faces, I look at individuals. God has stirred my heart with compassion many times as I look into people’s eyes. Sometimes tears come as I sense how God loves each and every one. No one is beyond the reach of God’s love.

The Gospel campaigns among Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists happen because of God’s favour. Now I need favour with you. I pray that you will look favorably on my request for your help. Please don’t delay. Listen to your heart, take the enclosed response form and response envelope, and do your best for souls today. God will richly reward you.

When I get back from Indonesia, I will send you a special thank you to let you know what has happened, and to express my gratitude for your participation.

Thank you and God bless you.

Peter Youngren

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