Seven hours in Bahrain

Air travel can be stressful. Today was a day when everything had to work just right. First this morning at 6AM I had to convince British Airways in Helsinki, Finland to check my luggage through to Karachi, Pakistan. This was quite a task since I am using three different airlines to get there and without being checked through I would never make my connection in London. The lady at the check-in counter assured me that this was ‘impossible’. Well, I kept firm and sure enough after some discussions my bag was checked all the way. That’s often how it is, with a little determination the “impossible” is possible after all.

Another one of the “joys” of air travel is layovers, and I’m having a seven hour layover in Bahrain right now.  This is a fascinating tiny country, know for liberal Islamic laws, unlike its neighbor Saudi Arabia. Traveling in this part of the world makes you realize how big Islam really is, and how little is done to present the Gospel. I really appreciate our partners, who see the value in what our ministry is doing. Jesus is for everyone, and everyone has the right to hear the Gospel. You wonder what the church has been doing for the past 2000 years.

Jesus promised he’d never forsake us. He said this in connection with the Great Commission recorded in Matthew 28:18-20. Gospel Advancement is how I describe everything we are involved with; Gospel campaign, Bible schools, Grace Tv and sending out missionaries. Some “go”, but all of us are “senders”. We send the Gospel through prayers and giving. Then each day we all have opportunity to share what Jesus did at the cross for the whole world. Let’s all be Gospel Advancers.

My flight leaves at 1.20 AM, so I’m heading for another night without sleep. Not good for those bags under the eyes. Marius, our Crusade Director, just emailed me that all is well. We have fought hard to get the permits for this upcoming campaign. It is really GOD’S FAVOR!!! 24 hours to go and the Hyderabad, Pakistan Gospel Festival is in full.

swing. Thanks for your support!-Peter

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