Sorong, Indonesia

“God loves Papua!” Peter Youngren proclaimed to the city of Sorong in Papua, Indonesia. Dripping wet, Peter proclaimed this good news to the people who had gathered in the middle of the torrential downpour. Nothing was going to stop the the good news from reaching the people that night!  Lightning was flashing and rain was beating down but amazingly Peter was not preaching to an empty field.. But to a crowd of 1,000’s who stood in the storm! The hunger for the gospel was so real that even though they were soaked to the bone they refused to go home. And the more the rain beat down, the more that shoults of joy erupted from the field as miracles abounded.

Just like the rain, those testifying of miracles flooded the stage! The blind, the lame, those sick with cancer, the deaf, the mute, they all came forward sharing about how Jesus had healed them! One ederly man, aged 76, stood on the stage tesifying of how he had been in pain for 30 years. Many sicknesses, including asthma and ruematism, caused him to not be able to walk or move well. But that night not only could he walk, but he began to run and dance! When visiting him in his home the next day he told us. “I came home last night absolutely soaked. But I didn’t care. I was just so happy. I just couldn’t stop smiling.” He shared how his medical background had brought him to realize that medicine was good, but it is limited. Medicine couldn’t help him. “But God’s power is not limited”, he said with a smile before demonstrating again how fast he could now walk and run!

God’s love was manifested on the field each night to all people in Sorong. Newspapers reported each day how people from all religions and all tribes were attending and recieving miracles in the Sorong Frienship Festival! This was proved each night as Muslim friends stood on stage testifying that Jesus had done more than any doctor could ever do!

The city of Sorong has much religion, but the people are hungry for something more.  They are desperate for the good news of the gospel of God’s love and grace for them! A gospel revolution began to take place in Sorong these past few days. Not just through the festival each night. But through the Leader’s seminar each morning. Pastors and leaders were refreshed with a new revelation of what the gospel really is. Heavy burdens were lifted as Sorong began to focus not on what they could do through religion, but on what Jesus has already done for them. Many pastors left the seminar echoing the same words. “Thank you Peter Youngren!  Thank-you for reminding us that Jesus is truly Everything!”

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